Chapter 25 – Irrational Heart

|| 25. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

Back from where? the impromptu question in her mind came with an equally spontaneous answer which Jojo had fumed at their deep dive coverage of Fashion Trend nearly a year ago ‘..all these playboy men want, are for those beautiful women to hop on their beds..’

Much similar to the Sarrata deep dive, Sophista readers had voted for a Fashion Trend issue for the prior year, where Omar Shaan had also bagged his third consecutive win at the Couture Catwalk. The residency overbooking concern at the famous fashion event had led Mohana to share a chief suite with the designer celebrity, where she had made sure to pick a bedroom farthest from him to steer clear of his room and any happenings associated with it.

The tumultuous reminder of his playboy ways, all the many beds in question, had Mohana blurt “I’m not sleeping on that bed! Because of all your. those..” she waved her hand in the air exclaiming the severity of the matter “..I don’t share”

Glancing at the massive swing bed, then at Mohana, Omar smugly smiled “Unfortunately your highness, we only have one bedroom here”

“I can sleep on this..” increasing the distance between them, she determinedly sat on the cushioned chair “..this is great, am short, I can curl and relax comfortably here” confidently declaring she hugged her knees

Casually leaning against the dresser, he considerately shrugged “Fair enough, but what makes you think I wouldn’t put a good armchair to use..”

“Because you can’t. why would you?..” she hastily countered, attempting to dismiss the hurt erupting within, yet stiffly moving to the edge of the chair she argued her rationale “..this is too small, you can’t even have two people sit here let alone have them do all of..” her hand waved in the air as if that could coherently fulfill the sentence

“If you would like for us to discuss the feasibility of how two people can do things besides sitting on that chair..” his claim had Mohana instantly spring from the seat and nervously step away “..I can help you gain some much needed insight”

“Of course not. Why would I want to talk to your.. those.. women for references, it’s not like I haven’t done all of that on chairs. but. this chair specifically is not large enough. for stuff. because. because I like bigger chairs. chairs like the one I have in my office. And anyways. it doesn’t matter to me. If there’s one room here, you should take it and I won’t take a chair in that room anyhow. because it’ll be right here. and we can’t do this..” she gulped at the irony of her words, overtly aware of the injurious marks she had left on him “..I’ll take. uh the couch. downstairs”

“The couch downstairs yeah..” he complacently challenged “..because you’re certain I didn’t bring anyone there? where two people could very easily sit, sleep after doing all of that and then some?”

Her hand quivered motioning towards the thick shield of curtains in utter disbelief, figuratively pointing to the lower level from behind the railing, heart turning painfully within “In the fireplace room? Down there?.. where we. you. me. but we had dinner there”

Approaching her Omar captured her hand “How about we play fair, we discuss where all these women have been and you tell me why you had tears in your eyes before our dinner”

“Just because I haven’t graduated from law does not mean I would fall for your attorney tricks..” she tugged to free her hand from his warm encapsulation “..if you wanted to play fair we should be comparing your list of references with mine. but. I am not interested. And just so you know, nothing’s worth my tears, something from the beach made my eyes water, that’s all there is to it”

Twirling a tendril of her silken blonde hair, Omar smirked “You need to get better at negotiation. I got my clues but you didn’t get yours. In case all the many men on your list forgot to show you how the game is won, keep all locations and surfaces in mind, mo stór. Choose wherever you want to sleep, I’ll be back in sometime”

“You can’t just go anywhere for sometime or any duration for that matter..” adamantly executing from the heart Mohana stalled, the reminder of his words punching her in the stomach ‘ matter how much credit you give yourself..’

Realizing the futility of her demand, she hastily retracted “..uh looking like that. because. uhm there are these..” halting from calling aloud the injuries she had instilled, Mohana merely succumbed to making a request “..whatever it is, but can you wear something? before going?”

“I haven’t unpacked and the tshirts would need their own discussion, once you feel rested we can find sometime to review them” seeing him head towards the bedroom door, antsy of his departure, Mohana urgently stepped behind him

The sales associate at his office, seeking long term commitment, talking about new samples, the review he had mentioned, had all seemed like a pretend in the morning “I thought that was a prank. but you want to discuss tshirts with my journal? for real? for an overarching comparison for the Sarrata deep dive?”

“You and I need to discuss tshirts, that I can wear. You’d likely get some choices across however many vendors were able to send samples” the information had her embrace the opportunity in sight

Work was an emotion Mohana easily resonated with, and if that could prevent her fiancé from leaving tonight for another woman, it made for a winning combination in her mind “Yes. so. we get it sorted right away. I should suffice in lieu of my design team for this tshirt instance because we are on this imaginary vacation where we can’t chit chat with others, so you can deal directly with me”

Leaning on the door frame Omar tucked his hands in the back jeans pocket “There is nothing imaginary about this vacation. We are here to celebrate our engagement and given you’ve barely surfaced from being unwell, you should consider getting some shut eye, it has been one hectic day for you”

“We are celebrating. this is our vacation, ya..” she rushed an assurance, sincerely correcting herself to align on their engagement prank “..but work is work and I am better. and I am listening to Jasper, we are not even flying back so why would we put anything to tomorrow. we do it right now”

Wrapping an arm along her midriff Omar halted her at the threshold, preventing her from making a spree “You need to sleep”

She pettishly humphed grappling the ulterior intent of his words “No, I am wide awake and you are wide awake. what else can we even do at a time like this..” his hold eased from along her curvaceous waist to rake fingers through his hair “..should we consider the kitchen island? for our meeting? downstairs?”

Another jagged run through his hair, his fingers clenched in a fist, before getting shoved in the back pocket of his jeans “We consider this room for our meeting. The tshirts are in that cargo box. I have no clue what sample size Indigo was able to manage but all I know is they have been triple washed and can be worn once they meet your approval”

Mohana was baffled at the unfolding details “Your offices washed actual tshirts? Like real fabric in a wash box with water and those soppi suds? three times? for vendor comparison? because designers don’t rely on contractual documentation, for merchant selection? like gaining financial clarity, price analysis, business planning, legalities, customer support and all of that?”

“Not when the focus is on finding a tshirt which meets your approval. which is why actual fabric tshirts get washed. three times. because how can anybody consider wearing anything without it being triple washed” her cheeks flamed at his reiteration of the assertion Mohana had made a couple years ago

Following his second consecutive win at Couture Catwalk, Sophista had planned a focus interview connect with Omar, the day when she had banged into him, accidentally spilling the entire contents of her coffee cup.

Bashful of her own lack of agility, the blush on her face deepened at the memory of Omar discarding his soaked tshirt in her office, leaving him only in a pair of denims. The sight before her was so strikingly similar, Mohana intertwined her fingers, her heart badgering for the scratches she had marked on his chiseled torso

Snubbing her deceiving butterflies, she rattled to overcome her nervousness “Yes. Ya. everyone likes clothes that are relatively deficient in stiffness and aren’t firm to touch. because of uhm whatever. and as a disclaimer, you should know, I do not hold any bias towards Sarrata even if all your fabric thus far has been supplied by them. Tyr is someone I respect but it wouldn’t deter us from a factual discussion”

Interestingly glancing at the delicate editor-in-chief, who was yet to grasp she had planted the seed for this entire initiative based on her critical feedback of his tshirt in their airplane journey, Omar once again established his stance “You confirm on the tshirt and I wear it. there are no changes to production line with Sarrata, nothing goes to print. this remains solely between us”

“You can be assured, Sophista doesn’t print what doesn’t need to be printed. and I understand nobody pulls a trigger to implement a decision until all complexities are sorted, a designer has to be able to wear whatever fabric they approve for their label. and that’s what Sophista will provide, an external quality check for the actual tshirts, to help you review the products” she sincerely confirmed, her eyes defiantly soaking every speck of his sculpted chest, despite the atrocity her nails had committed

The distance between them increased, but each defined abdominal muscle lured her eyes to inch further, until they followed the trajectory of his v-muscles to halt at the button of his jeans as she heard him “Mainly, what is deemed acceptable for your approval”

|| 25. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

Giving an affirmative nod, she hastily diverted her eyes from his attractive physique to notice Omar roll a big box from another door. Placing the wheeled trunk ahead from the dresser he validated the lock for both of them to stare at blackness. One on top of another, the large container brimmed with a vast collection of tshirts, all of them dipped in some form of black hue, none that Mohana had ever seen congregated together in such massive proportion.

“Yeah. so. they are tshirts..” she thoughtfully glanced at the puzzle which lay in the warehouse box ahead of them repeating her assignment “..and we want an external review”

Regarding the surplus amount, Omar reaffirmed “Tell me which one you’d like for me to wear, but these aren’t possible to all get reviewed tonight, so my suggestion is..”

“That you have a note making device ready” Mohana smoothly interjected assigning him the task of staying put, determined to work through this until one of them was sleepy. And that certainly had to be Omar Shaan tonight.

She felt a pang of guilt at his glum expression, having him miss on all the fun he had planned but her heart grew furious considering another woman clinging onto him like she had. Shoving away all culpability, she forced a consolation that his work was equally important for him and deciding on tshirts was a feat that couldn’t be left undone.

“All we have to do is go through them. No work is ever difficult to tackle” brightly confirming Mohana picked a tshirt, reading the small digital token on it

“Kete” she announced the vendor feeling for the cloth, then curiously looked at Omar who stood at the opposite end of the box with a weary expression awaiting input from her “It’s black..”

“They are all black” his smug retort pointed the obviousness of it all

“Your highness. You missed my honorific title..” she quipped on a smirk “..More so if I have to tell an award winning fashion designer there are many variations of black. Getting back to our notes, it’s black, the kind that is less vibrant, more gray and not something am going to select to wear”

“Why?” this time his tone was curious

Diving into her work mode Mohana sincerely informed her feedback “For a tshirt that’s new, only triple washed, it looks like a piece of plasticky junk. Your label wants a better product than that if for nothing else but to hold the laurel your fans have come to expect from you”

“Noted, your highness. And if we are taking title corrections tonight, am not an award winning fashion designer, I am simply your..” his pause made her look up from the cloth tightly gripped into her fists, unsure what she wanted to hear but definitely not close to what Omar spoke aloud “..note-taker

The retort on her lips note-taker with the most unique references from the women of this world, halted as she bit hard on her lower lip not wanting to remind either one of them of the impending women beyond this massive tshirt undertaking.

Picking another tshirt from the set, which seemed anything remote to a sampling but a warehouse of its own, Mohana appreciatively considered the hard work from Indigo and the team at Shaan Designs on the entire packaging and diligent labeling. Turning the fabric in her hand, she traced the token “Your April? the sales associate? What company merchant was she representing?”

“Lajney” came the prompt response from her temporary fiancé, making her seethe for he hadn’t even blinked before relaying that information eagerly. Giving him a curt nod, Mohana blatantly determined to misuse her capacity as their external reviewer to sabotage all attempts of any long term relationship the nearly naked April had been wanting with her then boyfriend, now fiancé.

One fabric feel from another, the conversation between Omar and Mohana flowed point to point. She continued to provide factual input, describing the material, mentioning the flaws and then folding the samples to drop them sequentially in the tested pile, thus far been unable to approve a single product.

Taking notes like a pro, Omar asked thoughtful questions seeking further clarity on her input making her appreciatively consider how invested he was in all his business decisions. Leaning against the dresser, shirtless, displaying his perfectly carved torso, strong muscular arms, he oozed such sexy appeal that Mohana over corrected her focus on the tshirts to keep herself from drooling all over him.

Zealously immersed on the task she had undertaken, despite the effort it took to rectify her distraction of Omar Shaan, Mohana sorted through the colossal collection at a significantly fast pace. Some products were an outright disgrace to be considered, while others warranted some feedback yet the elimination of tshirts was so rapid that Mohana tackled one fourth of the box much sooner than anticipated.

Wrapping her review on another tshirt, she reached for the next one glancing doubtfully at the significant dip in their sample set. Determined to keep Omar home bound she casually posed her enquiry “Are you sleepy? If you’re tired from all of uhm transporting and everything that there is, we can pick on this early morning?”

“Nah, am fine, do you feel like taking a break?” his response made her inwardly growl. Upset at her own sincerity of working so hard, she chastised her lack of strategic thinking in this specific matter.

Giving him a cursory smile she glanced thoughtfully at the remaining tshirts “Of course not, I am brimming with energy, we should take all the time needed to wrap this successfully”

“Sure” his approval came along tugging Mohana closer. Fluently lifted by her waist she was settled atop the dresser once again. Twirling the tshirt in her hands she breathlessly glanced at the man who had just as casually turned to pick his digi, slanting against the sideboard besides her.

“I.. I can’t sit here” his proximity was a major concern, his shirtless-ness was an add-on to that, but most importantly it was her deceiving heart that demanded his lips on her, since the past few hours. Maybe more, but most certainly for the majority of her stay at his downtown penthouse.

“I’ll pass the samples to you, and this way you will have ample opportunity to review the notes am making, which will save us a follow up meeting” his words had her clench hard on the tshirt

Infuriated at how he subtly stressed his dislike of being with her, Mohana blinked her eyes rapidly fast to get rid of the moisture that had dared to appear. Consoling herself that the man of her dreams would always want her, even if the real version of him didn’t, she begrudgingly focused her heart away from the hot and handsome attraction to work on the tshirts.

Starting this round, Mohana took a lot longer to consider each piece, justifying that she wanted to be fair in her judgement, she forced herself to find some positive aspects in all products. The effort became challenging, more time consuming and further frustrating because some samples could not warrant even a thought let alone a favorable one while all she wanted to stare was at the pillar of sexiness and uber strength mere inches away

Through hours of back and forth where their fingers brushed every time at the exchange of samples, butterflies tirelessly awaiting his attention, Mohana finally got handed the sample from ‘Lajney’. The exaggerated fragrance of the product instantly confirmed it was artificially scented, mimicking a coastal aroma.

Ecstatic she didn’t have to fabricate her feedback for a product that was already below par, Mohana rattled the feedback wanting to get done with it “I don’t approve. Coloring is uneven, it looks patchy after the wash, the undertones are way too cool to pair even with the regular dyed denims, the crew neck stitches are errored. Am never buying this”

Unwilling to spend anytime to find appreciation for April and the associating product, Mohana held the tshirt disdainfully. Reaching for the fabric, Omar turned it considerably in his hands “What about the natural coco fiber they advertise?”

“Are you now the reviewer or am I tackling it?!” she growled, snatching the piece of clothing out of his reach

Raising his hand in mock defeat, Omar rasped “All yours”

Pettishly moving the garment farther away from him, she humphed her explanation “This thing is obnoxious. There is no natural fiber or it would have technically absorbed the odor. It has some sort of a synthetic hold on the infused fragrance which has broken down after the washes but not completely eased. Unless you like misleading products that claim to be bio, no one should be allowed to wear this under your label”

Vexed at the earlier appearance of April, her triangle bikini top, exposed navel piercings and incessant ask to be alone with Omar, Mohana slammed the tshirt on the floor without caring to fold on this specific instance.

Glancing at the petite woman hoisted on the dresser, adorned in the delectable strapless gown, more delicate than the large bouquet of flowers besides her, he extended the digi for her inspection “Registered, your highness. Should we consider taking a break or perhaps you’d like to catch on some sleep?”

Despite her selfish fancies to feel the trail of his lips on her entirety, Mohana knew her temporary fiancé was just that, who had no reason to overlook all the many sexy women, dump his list of curated references for a cold woman like her “No. why would I need sleep. this is your room, and we are not moving from here unless you decide it is time for you to go to bed”

“Got it” on that confirmation, he handed her another tshirt from the remaining pile

|| 25. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

It took much diligence and keen monitoring for Mohana to maintain a strong reserve of samples, ensuring their task sustained through the ample time until her fiancé dropped tired on the swing bed, forgetting another woman for the night. The trajectory of their review cycle proceeded along much like before the ferocious wave April and the annoyance her product had brought.

Stifling a yawn, Mohana threw one leg over the other describing issues with yet another sample. Reaching towards the end of the pile, with a good chunk of their evening tucked away in reviewing tshirts, she curiously glanced at the designer celebrity. Much to her surprise, the man who had been carrying her unwell form around as easily like she was made of feathers, showed no inclination of being tired.

Confident their brief engagement prank would serve her a lifetime of memories, she felt agitatedly concerned on how she would ever be able to get over being carried in his arms. Puckering her lips, longingly remembering all the instances of being transported from one place to another, her heart lamented the reality. Regardless of holding a strong reminder to his mesmerizing black eyes, her stuffy Polo would never carry her when she would fall sick. Unlike Omar.

Another stolen glance at the handsome man standing inclined besides, the eternal reason for all her ruckus, guilt resurged for the severe scratches she had inflicted upon his pristine body. Folding yet another dissatisfactory product for the discard pile she leaned ahead to garner the count of last bits of samples.

“I am kind of tired..” his words took her by surprise “..but I can hold on for a while more and make notes for these remaining ones, unless you wanted to call it a night right away?”

“Am fine. We’ll do it how you want and wrap these” she shifted unsurely, while the tshirt review appeared to be a strategical win with Omar finally expressing tiredness, it also meant their time together was coming to an end

From among the last few samples, a tshirt tucked in the corner of their box came surprisingly without a vendor token but the only one thus far that Mohana approved, making it a rare win among the endless mountain of rejected products. She happily raved “ has a feeling of this endless smoothness, which is beyond superior to all that we have seen in this box, I can’t think of anything that can mess this one, except maybe have your team try a v-neck to see if that holds just like this”

“Great! We’ve solved the mystery” slipping the tshirt from her hands Omar threw it over himself, instantly covering his torso

Uncertain of his excitement at finding a victor, Mohana bit her lower lip, troubled if he was going to leave after all “We can’t rely on one win, this tshirt doesn’t even have a provider name and we have a lot many left, what if those are as good or better?”

“Of course your highness, but not everyone can compulsively work hard and tirelessly long, like yourself, and still refuse to celebrate an exceptional occurrence in the history of thousands of failed samples” he smugly offered slanting against the dresser giving some respite to her antsy heart

“I am not a workaholic if that’s what you think I am. and you’re anyways getting a break after we review the remaining samples” she testily responded, fully tempted to find another box of tshirts to repeat the exercise and be further slow this time around

“What adjective was that? workaholic? I’ve no idea what that could even possibly mean, your highness, but I should definitely get back to making more notes on this digital screen before it shatters from being overworked tonight” on a satisfied smile, Omar handed her another tshirt

Snatching the sample, Mohana grumbled within at yet another useless product, pushing herself to find some positive feedback. In the face of all her hopefulness, the last set of samples regardless of proper tokens still adhered to them, unfortunately met the same fate as the other counterparts. Their meeting left them with only one token-less tshirt to remain the winner, a moody Mohana and an immaculately sculpted chest which was now covered.

Handing her the digi for reviewing notes, with superior ease Omar had the rejected pile transported back to the large box, sealed and strolled away. Swooning at his attractive handsomeness Mohana paid less attention to the screen in hand and more on checking his each move.

Approaching the dresser, Omar spun the digi from her, discarding it to offhandedly land on the leather chair, scooping Mohana in his arms “C’mon, let’s sleep”

The gush of fluttering sensations in her body had her nervously move her hands in the air, racing her objection “Am not tired. But you go ahead. I was thinking of reading and then I’ll sleep in sometime”

“Yes, your highness” giving her a quick smile he walked them through the expansive bedroom, stepping towards the hall they had come from

Shifting in his arms, shyness denied her from relishing the pleasure of his touch “I can walk. stairs. I mean. downstairs. I’ll go. because its your room. and I am feeling better”

“Yeah, that’s why am taking you to the door” ignoring the uncontrolled banging of her displeased heart, she wordlessly hummed in response to him

“One down, straight through the hallway, sliding doors, take a left and you have the kitchen. And yeah given the conditions you’d want to stay away from that bar counter..” upset her lips parted to complain for she had sat on the very countertop on arrival but further information had her entirely loose her objection “..and the kitchen islands, well, all four of them actually and the couch is what it is”

“Enjoy reading” he wished, easing Mohana to stand barefoot beyond the bedroom door

Taking in the divide of the threshold between them, ironing her dress she merely croaked “Yah. uhm. G’nite”

“See you soon” before she could soak that husky whisper, she stood staring at the bedroom door closed shut on her face

Her heart turned, instantly missing him, urging her to implement whatever she knew of the bold-act to anyhow land in the arms of her temporary fiancé for all the luring kisses. Yet flustered of the dismissal, Mohana turned around in the warmly lit hallway, stepping through the stairs, refusing to look at the kitchen counters she made her way towards the couch.

Dismissing the shudder escaping her, she instinctively rubbed her hands together hoping to warm herself. The guilt of selfishness for not having checked once on his painful scratches had her longingly glance towards the overlook railing.

To her surprise the curtains of the room had been pulled back and the opulent area bathed in an amber glow, her gaze halted on the dancing flames to realize the hanging fireplace from their dinner had been retracted all the way to provide heat for the bedroom.

Doubtfully looking at the plush rug under her feet, his words reverberated through her ‘..keep all locations and surfaces in mind..’ taking a corner spot, hugging knees to her chest, Mohana rested her face on the arms but disruptive thoughts about all the many women who would have basked in the golden glow of the fire, laying under him on the swinging bed, had another jitter shake through her.

Clenching tighter she hid her face on the folded arms, sternly running a consolation to her whimpering heart “I am anyways cold. nothing matters, nothing matters except my work”


~ It seemed almost like yesterday when a young Mohana had escaped to the library at one of the many Rauchos associated business gatherings. Utterly shy and reserved, an exceptionally smart three year old, she had been busy reading storybooks when a handsome boy had decided to disrupt the quiet around her. Balling to the other side, unwelcoming of any interruption Mohana had been nervous of the impressive intruder whose black sparkling eyes had piqued immense interest in her.

While only a tad older, the boy exuded power far beyond his years and wholly determined, he had Mohana convinced to discuss the agreement he offered. Captivated by his delectable spheres and superiorly in awe of him, she had innocently accepted and consented to all his terms, entrusting him to be her attorney forever.

Naively taking to heart a childhood agreement with this stranger, through years of holding onto her proof of their signed document, Mohana had insistently searched for those mesmerizing eyes, awaiting their reunion. Unconditionally trusting of his assurance, despite all that traversed through her life, she had bound herself to an eternal loyalty with her unknown childhood attorney.

Diligently seeking those glittering black spheres, Mohana had been baffled to finally gaze into them years later, on the eve of her eighteenth birthday. His larger than life presence at the university-gala had left her beyond astonished, when she had heard his rich voice enquire “Get you something?” short of saying he was the goal of her search all along, she had nervously shook her head in refusal.

Seeing him across the dinner table, his presence had ignited an unexplainable ruckus while for reasons she could not interpret, her heart had constantly pricked seeing the fancy woman accompanying him. Uncertain of her own want, having finally found her attorney she had longed for years, Mohana had realized her folly: her whimsical one-sided thoughts had assumed their attorney-client contract mutual

Adamantly ambushing her misguided claim on him, whose foundation had all along been a childhood agreement, Mohana had bravely accepted the very fact, her dreams were only hers. Having no belonging to each other, no names exchanged, no memories except a sole interaction which only she had incessantly stuck on to, they were strangers, as strangers should be.

Forcing together the broken pieces of her irrational heart, Mohana had been firmly convinced their paths would never cross again. If she had not seen those glitter filled eyes in so many years, the chance of ever finding them again had seemed close to none. Except her night had quickly disproven her conviction, throwing her right into the arms of the handsome man she had left at the dinner table.

Despite her stubborn refusal to capture who he was, the rush of women flocking for his attention had Mohana begrudgingly acknowledge, the owner of her shared contract was a rising star, a heart throb designer who had bagged his first win at Couture Catwalk. The winner of the most sought after fashion award was one of the most prized possessions himself: Omar Shaan

Soon after her appointment as the editor-in-chief for Sophista, defying all odds, Mohana found herself running into the famous designer celebrity through countless occasions, his presence always raging a strange turmoil within. Enforcing nothing belonged to her, except hard work, the never once opened innocent contract from childhood lay securely treasured, and while her attorney remained a consistent dream she cherished, he was not a reality she relied on ~

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