Chapter 11 – Very Very Kind

|| 11. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

By an urgent wave of his hand, Tyr spoke to the woman accompanying Mohana “Bazza my dear, bring my princesa something warm to eat and get her a plush throw”

Mohana gave the older gentleman a fond smile “Don’t worry Tyr, I am alright. It’s just the change in weather”

Guiding Mohana inside the office, Tyr dismissed her attempt to make light of the situation “Rubbish! I would have come to take you myself if I was not keeping company to my little baby Trissa..”

“But gramps I am not little baby Trissa anymore” having heard her name, a tiny tot dressed in a striking green dress urgently walked over to Tyr

Merrily shaking his head, Tyr moved his hand in the air to communicate his feelings with Mohana, who chuckled in adoration of the exchange. Addressing the young girl who had approached him, Tyr adorably enquired “My darling Trissa, how old are you?”

“My attorney says am only three and two quarters and nine days today but my mom and dad told me this morning that I am a big girl” Trissa factually reported her stand

Exchanging a smile with Mohana at that update, Tyr spoke to his grand daughter “Yes, let’s listen to your attorney, he has the most official voice of all. And because I am your gramps, I will always find you little as you are my grand baby”

Nodding considerably the young girl glanced thoughtfully at her thick play pad. Falling on her knees, with steadfast determination she set the screen carefully on the wooden floor to scribble on it “Oh. I will report this to our journalist Mo’ana”

“Our journalist Mohana is already here, right in front of you, come my precious one, let’s say hi” Tyr encouraged the young child

Surprised at those words, shyly scampering behind her grandfather, Trissa looked up to see the beautiful woman standing in the company of Bazza. Gazing at Mohana with huge eyes, the young girl marveled at the discovery “She is a princess!..” whispering to her grandfather, she declared in the following breath “..I will also become a journalist!”

“Definitely my child and she can teach you how to become a very good one, but first we must greet her” Tyr reminded his grand daughter who stood awestruck gazing at Mohana

Tyr gently touched the child’s shoulder encouraging her to step ahead from hiding behind him and slightly overcoming her amazement, the girl nodded obediently making her green bow-tied pigtails bounce. Stepping closer to Mohana, Trissa extended her small hand as a gesture of welcome. Filled with wonder, she spoke shyly “Hi Mo’ana. Welcome to my gramps office”

“Hi Trissa, appreciate your having me over” Mohana tenderly responded, bending lower she gently shook the child’s hand

Warming up to Mohana instantly, Trissa took a step closer towards her, then looking back at her grandfather, Trissa courteously checked “Can I take Mo’ana to the lounge?”

“Yes, my little one” Tyr encouraged the child with an affectionate smile

Excitedly looking at Mohana, Trissa offered her hand seeking permission “Will you come with me?”

“Of course” warmly smiling, Mohana took hold of the small hand, falling in step besides the young girl

Seeing Trissa guide Mohana towards the sitting area, Bazza acknowledged Tyr’s request “I’ll send the staff with the food immediately Tyr, and I’ll bring Mohana’s throw. The visit from Chanceys worked out great, they dug their own hole. Our bait was a success, the documents have been stolen”

“Chanceys is Chanceys after all, they never learn” Tyr commented, making Bazza give him a wide smile

“Because no one’s as sharp as you” complimenting him Bazza left, closing the office door behind her

Inside the generously decorated office, Trissa walked as fast as her small legs could manage. Crossing through the tastefully furnished seating area, she guided Mohana to a partial wall in the room, made of glass. The seamless separation marking the entrance of the observatory regally stood boasting a treasured pattern, encompassing all of the varied colors.

Pointing her small fingers on the glass wall enriched with a variety of hues, Trissa declared “I like this color” aiming to a specific shade of green that very nearly matched her dress. Standing on her little toes pointing much higher this time she informed “Omar said he likes this color” her little finger moved towards a tone of pink.

Mohana’s cheeks flooded with a bright blush listening to his mention, her heart affectionately reminiscing her favorite camilla flowers she admired in that very specific shade of pink.

Using the display of the glass wall as her color palette, Trissa expectantly looked at Mohana to enquire “Which color would you say, you like the most?”

“I like both of them, but I’ll take this” stealing her gaze away from the soft pinkish hue, Mohana pointed to a shade of silver: the color that was her colorless-color.

Inspecting the shade on the glass wall, then glancing at the lovely Mohana considerately, Trissa asked “Because you have these silver eyes?”

‘ are colorless just like these hollow eyes..’ overcoming the venomous words raging inside, suppressing her own turmoil, Mohana gave the little girl a dazzling smile “Ya”

Managing her chunky device, Trissa dropped on her knees to diligently write on the screen “Favorite color is not pink. It is silver. Because. Mo’ana has beautiful silver eyes” then looking up she declared to Mohana “I like your silver eyes!”

“I like your honey eyes too, they are very beautiful and filled with so much warmth!” Mohana complimented the young one’s big doe eyes which had been studying her inquisitively

Jumping up happily from the floor, widely smiling at the praise, Trissa claimed “They are after my dad! Come”. Having apparently gotten familiarized with the glorious editor-in-chief, this time she extended her hand confidently in the air for Mohana

Securing their hold, clasping on to her pristine guest, Trissa made way towards the seating area. Offering Mohana to take seat on the ritzy velvet couch, the young girl devotedly waited for her to settle. Her eyes observed the pinkish red fabric, carefully noticing each move, admirably absorbing how the editor-in-chief carried herself in the unique saree ensemble.

Shyly leaning closer, Trissa sought permission “Can I sit with you?”

“Yes! Let’s sit together” Mohana smilingly patted the space besides her, blinking glassy eyes at the child’s innocent mannerisms

Brightly smiling at the opportunity, Trissa rested her digital pad on the couch, climbing atop the higher cushions with trained ease. Mimicking the beautiful editor-in-chief’s moves, she attempted to similarly settle her exquisite green dress, carefully ironing out and managing the layers to lay it on her knees.

Perched charmingly on the couch having left a few inches of distance between them, Trissa sat elated in Mohana’s company. Turning to praise her saree, she determinedly declared “I want to become as beautiful as my gramma, my gammy, my mom and you!”

“You are already the most beautiful and smartest girl” Mohana appreciatively admired her young companion

Trissa’s little face glowed at the praise, her thoughtful eyes looked up at Mohana “Do you think, my attorney feels that also?”

“I bet, isn’t it Tyr?” seeing her host approach them, Mohana hinted at him with her eyes

|| 11. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

Smilingly Tyr responded in affirmation “Definitely. And we can check with Charles too for his confirmation on the matter”

“No, I don’t talk to him..” Trissa shook her head “..I cannot check with him”. Her shy eyes looked at the thick play pad with much interest at the mention of her attorney Charles

Mohana genially enquired “How will we discuss about all our business paperwork if we won’t talk to our attorney?”

“I send my gramps a note. And he sends my note to my attorney’s office. Then my attorney responds. He will review all our business paperwork very very very soon” Trissa enlightened looking up from digital screen, her huge eyes assuring Mohana on the presence and swiftness of her legal support

“Indeed. Depending on the query it can vary usually within the timeframe of nanoseconds to a few minutes. You wouldn’t believe the fast turn around these days” Tyr admirably shared the insight with Mohana

Chuckling at the sweet interaction model, Mohana complimented “Charles is very hardworking indeed”

“Ya and he is very handsome!” Trissa chirped, adding exuberantly “He will also have all those muscles like my gramps, my grampa, my dad and Omar, when he grows up!”

The visual of Omar’s shirtless torso came rushing from their early morning collision, making Mohana nervously try to rack any moments where his impeccable chest had been covered behind fabric, but all attempts ran in opposite direction, making her butterflies frantically turn. Owing to the excitement her young companion displayed, she shared an enthusiastic agreement “That will be wonderful!”

The repeated mention of the famed celebrity in their conversation made Mohana conclude his prized bond with Sarrata’s young heir. It stood clear that not only did Shaan Designs solely work with Sarrata for their fabric, their handsome owner shared an exclusive association with Tyr and his family.  

“Yes! Wonderful! And I want you to take my attorney’s interview and my interview one day really really really soon because you are my idol!” Trissa courageously expressed her heartfelt desire

Blinking moist eyes at the tender innocence, Mohana gave the child a warm smile “Of course! Whenever you think you have time, we can schedule something for just the both of us and when we decide we want to start talking to Charles, we can do the same for his interview”

“Okay..” starting to make a note on her screen, Trissa halted. She looked at Mohana, her eyes filled with great dilemma “I have time right now and whenever you want. Because am done working on my gramps interview. But I did not win a prize yet and neither did my attorney”

“You don’t have to win a prize, we can plan an interview on such a variety of other subjects” Mohana kindly comforted, hoping to override the deep concern that was bothering Trissa

In turn though the little girl’s huge eyes widened in surprise “Really?! But Omar said you only take his interview when he wins an award”

Mohana haphazardly ironed the golden edge of her pink-red saree draped along the arm, wishing for her heart to stop bouncing every time his name got pronounced in their discussion. She attempted to explain the exactness of her actions, those that had been distinguishably catered to one specific celebrity “No.. uh no it’s not really that. But he is a fashion designer! and.. and he keeps winning so what can we do”  

“What can we do!..” Trissa shared her agreement deeply lost in thought, then with a moment of realization she announced “I know! What can we do! I will inform my attorney and your attorney with this updated information”

“Yes definitely but I think getting this information to your attorney mainly, should suffice us. Charles can help prepare proper paperwork and we can then plan on our interviews with you both” Mohana shared an enthusiastic smile, happy to have crossed beyond the justification of those specifications she had challengingly set for a certain superstar

“Ya! But both our attorneys have to know because! Omar said we cannot keep secrets from our attorneys because! they prepare proper paperwork” Trissa informed, reiterating her similar belief as Mohana, along with her apparent conviction from Omar to form the entire point carefully

Finding his presence in their conversation again Mohana’s heart curiously bounced. Reminded of his exposé interview night which had involved mention of attorneys and keeping secrets for each other, she nervously turned a puffy tassel on her saree. Inquisitive about the discussion that may have transpired between Trissa and the famed celebrity, she checked “He said both our attorneys?”

“Yes! Both! My attorney and your Omar” Trissa shared her wholehearted agreement

The words: your Omar had Mohana tightly clasp onto the plump tuft of golden threads, her heart frantically jumping in her chest. Regardless of the reality Mohana had always known, the innocent declaration from Trissa made her breathing go awry. She sternly reminded herself, that the handsome celebrity Omar Shaan was far beyond her reach, all he could remain was a figment of imagination in her dreams, because those were her only belonging

“No.. no. There must be some confusion. My attorney is at Sophista, he is part of Sir Gallaghair’s team..” Mohana informed, mostly assuring herself on the ample legal support, she nervously concluded “..but it doesn’t matter. none of this matters anyways”

“But it does matter. all of this matters..” confirming Trissa concentrated on writing her notes “..Mo’ana has another attorney, Sir Gallaghair’s team..” looking up from her digital pad she checked “..Is he like Omar? strong? with muscles? and so handsome?”

“Um yeah. why not, very likely..” Mohana claimed with fervor on the unknown legal representative, desperately wanting to assure her own sinking heart along with that of the young child who looked at her with wide eyes “..Attorneys are strong with all those muscles. So he has to be more handsome and the strongest ever with lots of muscles. And then both of our attorneys can be really dashing”

“Yes!..” confirming, Trissa made careful notes repeating each word “..more handsome than Omar, strongest ever with lots of muscles and really dashing just like Trissa’s attorney” looking up expectantly at Mohana, she shyly asked “Do you see him everyday?”

“We can. uhm sure. It really depends on what we need to discuss but yes we can” Mohana factually provided overlooking the detail, that as the editor-in-chief for Sophista she mainly ever interacted with their legal assistants than the precise team of attorneys.

“Depends on what Mo’ana needs..” word for word Trissa diligently made her notes “..Is he even more handsome than Soren Rick?” she checked referring to the chart topping movie star

Relieved to be discussing someone other than the heartthrob fashion designer, Mohana happily claimed “No one can be as handsome as Soren Rick..” then capturing Trissa’s troubled expression she hastily added “..except your gramps and grampa and dad and Charles?”

“And Omar?” Trissa checked expectantly. Although it was framed as a question her voice almost held a plea to have the name considered, the man approved and belonged to the exclusive list

Frantically turning the loose end of her saree, unable to accept what both her heart and Trissa wanted to hear, Mohana attempted a deviation for their chat “If you want, yeah, but Soren Rick is also a superstar, he has all those movies and he wins so many awards too! There can be no one as extremely good looking as him. He looks very strong and all those muscles of his, it’s like an entire six pack! Maybe Charles would want to consider building muscles like him?”

Scribbling each detailed description as Mohana spoke, Trissa absorbed the new found knowledge being imparted to her. She curiously enquired “Do you need a lot of patience to make this entire six pack?”

“I guess yes, because Jojo always says that all things that need to be carved with love, need patience” Mohana offered thoughtfully, wanting to remain on their subject Soren Rick but images of the highly applauded fashion celebrity, shirtless, displaying his flawlessly carved torso, overruled everything in her mind. For no matter all the turns her head took to escape Omar Shaan, she always found a way back to her core desire.

Happily nodding in affirmation Trissa shared “I like Jojo! My mom says that too!”

Mohana gave the little munchkin a smile “Exactly! So Soren must have invested a lot of hard work and perseverance to carve such strong muscles”

Jotting down the hardship involved with building muscles in her notes, Trissa asked “Like Omar?..” declaring emphatically “..He has such strong muscles! He can carry everything! And he also invests a lot of hard work. He gave this dress to me”

The color on Mohana’s blushing cheeks further deepened. She could very well vouch for the fashion designer celebrity to carry everything, including herself. Recalling the feeling of being in his muscular arms from their morning episode of connected rooms, her heart danced in agreement.

|| 11. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

Mohana wryly concluded that overriding his mention from her heart and their conversation was impossible. Like her own entirety was adamantly in awe of him, so was Trissa, much like the unending lists of women, collection of fans and even the office staff including his personal assistant Indigo.

Appreciatively looking at the young girl’s attire Mohana complimented the designed creation “It is a very elegant dress and looks exceptionally splendid on you. I really like it”

“Because your Omar designed it?” Trissa eagerly inquired, her eyes gazing happily at the lavish green dress settled on her knees

Mohana forcefully restricted her bouncing heart from claiming the magnificent man at those innocently encouraging words. Knowing Omar would never become anything hers, she stifled the ache of reality, giving her companion a smile. Upholding her own admiration and the strong affection Trissa had towards the famous man, she politely claimed “Of course, he is an award winning designer for a reason”

“Ya..” Trissa nodded, her eyes shining in pride for the man she firmly held in high regard “..and he is an attorney! I only like attorneys. I really like my attorney! Do you like your Omar also?”

“He is kind, really kind, very very kind” Mohana earnestly offered, the innocent words ‘your Omar’ establishing their place welcomingly in her heart despite every attempt to deny the luring imagination

“Yes. Kind, really kind and very very very kind..” Trissa contently made a note on her digital notepad

“Only, very very kind. Two times very” Tyr commented with a mischievous smile, making Mohana’s face glow completely scarlet

“Oh. I will erase..” carefully editing her note Trissa happily looked at Mohana sharing her agreement “I also think Omar is very. very. kind..” counting on her fingers she ensured the proper ‘very’ count “..Is this the dress he gave you?”

“No. No. Jojo got me this” Mohana declared consciously flipping her leg over the other. Setting the fabric of the saree absentmindedly, she twirled another plump tassel hanging on its swaying end

“Oh..” a troubled frown appeared on the child’s forehead “..But I really like your dress! Why did he not give it to you?”

Not wanting to break Trissa’s expectations by sharing she wasn’t given anything, let alone be known that the designer celebrity had even taken back his leather jacket for sharing with others, Mohana half heartedly consoled both her writhing heart and the young girl “Because he was busy and I got really busy and then I had to come here, so I wore what Jojo got for me but his personal assistant Indigo helped us in wearing this dress in the morning”

“I like Indigo! Will you wear your Omar’s designed dresses when he gives them to you?” Trissa enquired almost at the edge of her seat, awaiting Mohana’s answer

Mohana felt her heart turn, she knew it was unlikely for her to ever receive a designed dress from the majestic man himself. In all these years of knowing him, she had only come as close to making an attempt of stealing his jacket while her conscious had made her fail terribly at that too. Taking a hurried gulp of tea, the staff had served, Mohana nonetheless vouched her agreement “Ya. Ya. However he wants, he is the designer”

“Ya! He is the designer and you are so nice and wonderful Mo’ana!..” the girl happily gushed, her small hands busily recording their exchange “..will you also go with him to the Christmas party? When I grow up, I will have to also go with my attorney because he sent a notice”

“Sure if there is a party and we have to go then we’ll go..” Mohana sincerely accepted, over the years in her role as Sophista’s editor-in-chief, no matter how much havoc his presence caused, she had always put the success of the journal ahead of her turbulent feelings “..And when you grow up we can all go together”

Heaving a sigh, Trissa rested her hand on her delicate green dress explaining confidentially “But I will only go to the Sophista Christmas party, because I will never read Chanceys! Do you like to read Chanceys?”

“Not all the time, but I have my staff review it. When you start to work for Sophista you might also want to consider keeping up with other journals that are in the industry” realizing Trissa was younger and had years to grasp onto the weight of business strategies, Mohana nonetheless offered a realistic perspective for consideration

“Yes. I will have to..” Trissa nodded understandingly but claimed her objection in a tiny voice “But I won’t go to their party. Will you go to their party if your Omar doesn’t want?”

“No, not at all. I don’t like going to a lot of parties anyways, I like spending time on my articles more” Mohana relayed her honest feelings, sharing uninhibitedly her personal aversion to large socializing events which came as a responsibility more than a charm of participation in her role

“Ya! Me too. I also like spending time on my articles more! But based on my attorneys legal notice I will have to attend seven parties..” holding her small fingers in the air to denote the count, Trissa explained the list of parties that had been negotiated with her counterpart attorney

Mohana shared a look with Tyr, lightly smiling at the intricate details that had been sorted out between Trissa and Charles, despite their direct form of communication cited as a barrier “That’s a neat selection of events, I mostly attend those too”

“With your Omar?” Trissa asked her huge eyes excitedly seeking an affirmation

Considering the thought, Mohana admittedly acknowledged their overlapping gatherings, cursory presence at certain events, while instances where their name cards have been side by side. Regardless of the invitee lists, their attendance patterns, she always found herself marching into the handsome celebrity. Clenching on to her saree tassel Mohana accepted the evident facts “Sort of, kind of, we are there together, yeah always together”

Scribbling another note ardently, Trissa looked at Mohana “Yes, always, because we have to stay with our attorneys forever. I will deliver all our information in a timely manner. I have also prepared notes for my gramps interview, because Omar said I have to start helping right away”

Mohana gave Trissa a warm smile “Appreciate your looking into it. I will review them and include all your help in the deep dive spread”

“It was a pleasure meeting with you Mo’ana, I have taken a lot of your time but what can we do, I have very important responsibilities! Now you are free to interview my gramps” Trissa informed, confirming the wrap of their discussion

“Wonderful to meet you too, Trissa, the pleasure has been all mine” Mohana adorably smiled at the child having immensely relished her company. Her heart still frolicked at the innocent misunderstanding Trissa had construed for her to belong with the mighty Omar Shaan.

Although Mohana remained exceptionally glad on the superstar celebrity’s absence in their room for he would have put an immediate halt to this make belief exchange, like he had declared his lack of association with Mohana at the airport ‘..we’re not married..

Leaning forward, Trissa shot her arms in the air to offer Mohana a hug “Can I request you to hug me? I have never hugged a princess before”

“Neither have I, precious princess” saying Mohana embraced the little girl’s tender squishy frame into her arms

“But you are my princess” Trissa informed on a whisper, adorning a blissful smile at having gotten her request fulfilled. Timidly slipping from the couch, she ran around the low coffee table to hug her grandfather Tyr “Gramps, will you give our journalist Mo’ana my notes?”

“Yes my doll, I have them ready” Tyr informed, pointing her to the bundle of sheets besides him

Smiling at him Trissa declared “Okay, I will finish my notes in the room and no one can talk to me except you, gramma, gammy, grampa, dad, mom, Omar, Mo’ana..” the list went on and on including everyone whom she liked except any mention of the said attorney Charles, who seemingly made her shy

“Sure deal, your snacks will be served shortly, all the best on the assignment” Tyr smiled, looking at the little child wave at him. Running along with her digital play pad, Trissa disappeared in one of the connected rooms to get occupied with her work.

Turning her fingers along the pink-red fabric, attempting to calm her rapid heartbeats, Mohana concernedly enquired “The information, uhm all of that, doesn’t really get delivered, right? That screen is not really connected?”

“You’ll be surprised at all that gets transpired, but who is to say Omar would even find the time to go through the handwritten notes of such a young journalist in the making” Tyr lightly chuckled, encouraging Mohana towards the spread of food that accompanied their beverages

Heaving somewhat of a relieved sigh, she instinctively mumbled “Ya. Yes” then almost instantly rushed to rectify “But I wasn’t thinking about someone specifically, it’s like everybody. like Charles or Bazza or her grammy. Or anyone else. But I am here to interview you”

“Yes my princesa, and you’ll soon be an attorney yourself just like everybody else. Let’s ensure you have everything you need and here are Trissa’s notes for your help” saying he offered her a stack of digital papers

|| 11. PAIZE 4 ♥ ||

The words ‘your Omar’ blissfully rang through Mohana as she sat cocooned in the plush pink blanket, busy interviewing the fabric industry mogul Tyr. Thoughts about the famed designer celebrity tickled her fancy with every single breath she inhaled.

One mention or another had her remember some connecting instance, an ardent moment or simply the many times she had run into him, landing in the strength of his arms. The feel of him, enchantment of his eyes, larger than life presence made her longingly crave the man of her dreams.

The deep dive spread at Sophista was a quarterly coverage for exploring topics of interests in greater depth, those that had been voted by the readers. Taking on the role of editor-in-chief, Mohana had introduced this innovative concept alongside focus and exposé interviews, to bring in a wave of incorporating public engagement to the journal. This power packed strategy had distinctively set apart an already chart busting journal to become the ruler of the top grosser slot.

While even the idea of a two-way exchange made competitors uncomfortable, claiming the readers were meddlesome, begrudging, and held targeted demands, Mohana spun around the entire notion in her favor by welcoming direct interactions with their fans. Sophista opened the flood gates encouraging their readers to provide feedback, submit questions, vote on article choices and share their unrestrained opinions on coverage.

Hoards of fan mail received by the journal was soon filled with expressions of gratitude, readers vouching their support and association with Mohana and the team behind it, solidifying Sophista as the most beloved publication.

Despite being one of the youngest journalists at such a lofty role, Mohana rapidly earned an affinity from the audience at large for her sincerity and efforts towards transparency, earning multi-fold increase in reader engagement which skyrocketed the sales in the first few months of her hiring itself.

For this year’s last quarterly deep dive, a comprehensive exploration of the Sarrata fabric industry had been selected in sync with the annual Fashion Trend awards. Convincing designer celebrity Omar Shaan for the December cover, with his fourth consecutive victory at the famed Couture Catwalk segment, became the cherry on top for wrapping another winning year under Mohana’s leadership.

Sophista team had been tasked to cover the various functions at Sarrata, aiming to offer a quality laden lens for their readers on each core pipeline stage ranging from development, processing, distribution for the fabric industry. Their goal for all segments as always remained to ensure inclusion of successes, sharing business complexities and highlighting behind the scenes, to publish a rounded coverage.

Through their deep dive discussion Mohana had Tyr share his vision and journey on shaping the culture around Sarrata. Covering various commerce and trading trajectories, they spoke on a slew of leadership perspectives ranging from innovation, adoption of novel techniques, transformation processes among the larger umbrella of streamlining processes of such upscale manufacturing.

Tyr’s mention of Shaan Designs in sharing one of their joint revolutionary initiatives had Mohana nervously shift on the couch. Making a note on the digital screen, her heart bounced reminiscing the handsome owner of Shaan Designs, needily missing the warmth of his touch and the feeling of security she always felt in his presence.

Memory of his velvety rich voice demanding ‘..say you’ll miss me..’ made her heart achingly flip. Grappling at the realization she had been avoiding from this morning struck hard: while Mohana had sought solace in knowing that Omar Shaan was not on his honeymoon, the dreadful confrontation of reality that his marital status was bound to change, someday soon, made her heart skip a beat. Her digital pencil faltered on the device screen.

“Princesa? Are you alright?” Tyr concernedly checked, getting up to serve her more tea

“I was.. uh.. ya. ya..” Mohana forced a bright smile, disregarding the painful jitter traversing through her “..How did you have Sarrata establish the production limits?”

Making diligent notes, her heart quivered in ache, wanting to dream of dreams where innocent words of ‘your Omar’ would be all that could consume her and take her away from the threatening reality. Overriding her numbly freezing body Mohana ruefully persuaded herself to accept that no matter however much she dreamt of the magnificent man, craved a desire to be with him, wanting to get entwined for her forever, he was Omar Shaan, the man who would never be hers.

She dismissed her unwarranted feelings of possessiveness, firmly reminding herself that he would only stay a famed celebrity for Sophista, while her dreams were all she would ever have in her possession. Ignoring the chilly turmoil that shuddered her nerves, Mohana proceeded to maintain her facade, calmly interviewing Tyr, her pain adamantly shoved, ensuring she kept her work a priority.

For the later half of the interview, Sonya joined them to share more details around their business engagement model, architecture of the campus, employee welfare and association activities on the island. Through their discussion, Tyr shared many tidbits around his wife’s vital contributions towards making their fabric business become a familial corporation at large.

Talking about the central employee cafeteria, discussing the menu servings, their conversation pivoted to a fond mention of the yester years. Relaying the anecdote Tyr was chuckling “..not only it wasn’t easy to make her agree for a date, the only thing she would eat were those instant mako’n chako. Pour boiling water and you’re done. Here I am planning to learn complicated recipes while her heart was being won by a cup of dehydrated grains and artificial flavorings”

Laughing at Tyr’s dismissing expressions, Sonya ardently shared her favoritism on the boxed packaged meal “They tasted so delish”

“What flavors did they come in?” Mohana curiously enquired, making a side note on her digital pad she drew a small box labelling it mako’n chako. She tried snuggling deeper into the huge pink throw which did nothing for her chills except longingly remind her of the warmth that could never be hers

Interweaving fingers together with his wife, Tyr smiled “The idea is for you to not like them princesa, too many additives, imitation flavors, but yes the ones she liked were the fiery cheese, chili chicken and popcorn”

“Oh Tyr, but popcorn? Did the mako’n chako taste like the real buttery popcorn?” Mohana checked inquisitively, having never tried the food item

Refilling her tea cup, Tyr laughed in adoration of the young editor-in-chief “If I remember correctly, yes very popcorn flavored, a rich buttery taste but with a dash of sweetness to mimic kettle corn”

“Ya and they had the same tinge of color to them, I guess they must mix white and yellow cheeses” Sonya excitedly added

“As you can see it has been significantly hard for me to keep my then fiancée and now wife, away from those little tubs of instant-ness..” Tyr laughed with both women joining him “ you must avoid them at all costs”

“But what’s the fun if I haven’t tried even once..” Mohana lamented “..I’ll only do it for research purposes, because it is for the deep dive! Sophista readers would like to know all about the mogul of the fabric industry and his nemesis, the mako’n chako”

Throwing his head back Tyr laughed with his wife chuckling besides him “Nemesis indeed. No one can afford the desire of their dreams, to want anything besides themselves, nevertheless those instant bits of grain..”

Concluding their interview Tyr and Sonya took Mohana to venture the industrial island. Giving her a tour of the expansive residential neighborhoods, covering market areas, school campuses, recreational hubs and libraries, they made their way back to the Sarrata campus.

Halting at the crowded employee depot, Tyr signaled to the busy area from the window “What you see here is a central terminal connecting intra-island super high speed buses and the back segments are the inter-territory runways for small planes..” he affectionately spoke of his wife who had enabled the expansive vehicle depot “ Sonya has not only created powerful opportunities but she has brought in a culture of growth”

Sonya shyly smiled from besides him “Tyr will always say I am the one behind it, but you know him, and none of this could have been made possible without his unending support”

Mohana rapidly blinked her glassy eyes, giving the couple a warm smile “It’s both of you, together, your bond of forever”

“For always” Tyr and Sonya murmured complimenting Mohana’s words

Their vehicle driver halted them besides a grand building when Tyr offered “How do you feel princesa? If you like we can check the employee cafeteria from inside as our last stop”

“Yes, let’s do that, I am completely fine it’s just the weather” humbly smiling Mohana shrugged off her blanket, bravely ignoring the shivers in her body

Hopping off the vehicle, Mohana and Sonya excitedly exchanged notes about the observatory styled eating place. Touring through the maze of offerings, seating areas, lunch meeting rooms, Tyr halted alongside an exceptionally large open kitchen area looking over to the sea “..and this is where we have cooking classes on Sundays..”

Overhearing the discussion about the cafeteria, from behind the counters a woman from the staff peered at the company Tyr stood in “The big boss from factory is here. Is this really that head journalist from Sophista?”

“Yes, they call her the chief. Bless her heart, she looks like a princess. She manages the responsibilities for the entire journal just like Inaya used to and that too at this young age. No wonder there is such difference between good news and cheap news” another staff member commented uncurling the rolls of pastry dough

“She is a beauty with brains, and look how delicate she looks in that dress, I really like it, I will ask my son to get something in that color for my daughter in law, she really likes red too” working on the oven an elderly woman from the kitchen staff added with a smile

“I just hope my boyfriend doesn’t see her beauty, the useless guy lures after all beautiful women” joining them a young woman spoke longingly looking at Mohana

“Don’t worry maybe she has her own boyfriend. Has the journal said if she is seeing anyone? She looks such an angel, how do you think she will look paired with that superstar Sor..” but the woman’s words got interrupted by a powerful growl “Don’t even dare to finish that thought”

Hearing the fury in the man’s voice, the group of staff members turned to look at the source of the volcanic eruption. Cowering together their eyes held shock, glancing at the tall and handsome man who angrily strode ahead sparing them from any further outburst. Unsure of what had transpired from their genuine hearted chatter, they curiously mapped the attractive eye candy confidently making his way through the grand area.

Unaware of the communication exchange within the kitchen staff or the low grumblings that had followed, Mohana stood busy talking to Tyr and Sonya, admirably complimenting them “You both are the best!”

Approaching the fabric industry mogul, the man demandingly declared “I’m here to take what’s mine” making the kitchen staff in the near distance share a glance in anticipation

Gently caressing his wife’s hand, Tyr murmured his approval “Of course”

Exchanging a nod with the couple, the superiorly dashing intruder whispered “Hey” to the astounded Mohana who gazed at him completely mesmerized. Staring into her beautiful silver eyes, he fluidly swung her in his arms.

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