Chapter 20 – Sleeping Together

|| 20. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

Twirling a golden lock of hair, his thumb soothingly ran on her nape “Our security is cool just like yours but we have pranksters abound in this tower. Some of which will come knocking on this door to greet us. That sales associate would have gone through a rigorous check and never been allowed here unless someone overruled security protocols”

“But the man on the speaker.. he said. I thought. she was. uh Zaniha? But he gave this woman the permission to come to your private address?” her frown deepened at the likelihood of such visitors appearing on his doorstep

Tracing her hairline Omar caressed her forehead “Nah, we’re in the office. No one has access to come to our penthouse. The man on the speaker said Zaniha was the hint. What that entailed was her giving the security permission to let this visitor linger along for a trial round”

Cheeks glowing at his attentive touch, Mohana looked around the office “Yes. so. I’ll go. because I was finding an exit when we. uh. then that man. then that April. I mean. this office reminds me of mine, because maybe similar towers? same owners? my boss? And I have to get back to work because he doesn’t pay me to roam around all the different towers he owns”

“Barefoot?” he murmured setting her golden hair, back of his fingers tantalizing a turmoil on the column of her neck

Easing her tightly wound legs from around him, Mohana nervously glanced at her silver painted toes “No?”

“Nah..” pulling a pair of folded black knits from the back pocket of his jeans Omar slipped it on her foot, bringing Mohana to a complete pause “..because as much as there’s need for you to be carried around, your delicate black dress won’t allow for what’s coming next”

“Oh. uhm. these are mine” she mumbled, looking unbelievably at the plush coverings on her foot as he tied the satiny bow, moving on to dress the other one

“I sure hope so. As far as the offices go, first and top five floors mimic each other, besides those, the spaces are varied for each business unit” Omar matter of factly stated, ensuring both her feet were covered

“What floor are we on?” Mohana hesitantly looked at the fireplace wall to distract herself from the lure of his fingers, wanting nothing more for his hands to grip her tighter..

“Same floor..” interjecting her rampant thoughts, Omar turned her petite frame, gesturing from the large expansive windows to the view of the neighboring tower “..that’s the Sophista editor-in-chief’s office. And because this was another commonly known fact, we’ll have to find the exit together”

Heart raging, tummy turning upside down while insistent butterflies remained stuck to his grip, what took far urgent precedence was the fact that in the distance were loft windows where Mohana had spent day after day plotting her escape from the charming Omar Shaan in real life, who all along had been practically right besides her.

The access request at the door distracted Mohana to spin around, her anxious eyes landing on the digital screen to catch a glimpse of a woman adorning a light blue dress, her face glowing, dark long hair framing delicate features as strikingly snow blue eyes pierced straight through the lens. Accompanying her was a taller man, exceptionally handsome, his features sharp and chiseled, sporting a complimentary dark blue tshirt, brown hair tousled to such perfection for Mohana stared at the screen uncertain if the couple was indeed real or a figment of code

“There’s our prankster, we meet them and then roll with next steps in our plan. Sounds good?” Omar ran the back of his fingers along her neck, coming to lightly traverse her jawline

“Ya” Mohana barely managed, despite not being ready at all to face the woman who ruled the heart of her dream man

In a fluent move Omar had Mohana off the desk, whispering playfully “Careful and vigilant are your hints”

Not capturing the meaning behind them, she looked at him cluelessly but finding his black shirt halfway undone she hinted at the buttons on a shy raise of her eyebrows “This?”

“Yeah. This” murmuring Omar leaned closer making her breathing go haywire

Swallowing on a parched throat, face profusely blushing, attempting to refute all knowledge of what had occurred between them, Mohana focussed on closing the buttons which had been tugged undone.

“Hm” her low hum confirmed them secured, having succeeded after a set of misleading tries she clutched the desk behind, averting eyes from his steel hard chest that she so fervently wanted to get smashed against

On a light caress across her cheek, his fingers traced the end of her eyebrow, moving ever so gently to smooth the temple on an accompanying whisper “Another debt”

“But? I clos..ed?” she croaked her lashes swooping further, focussing on the bow tied knits on her feet

“Exactly” leaving a clueless Mohana at the desk, increasing the distance between them Omar motioned for his office doors to open

Seeing the dashing pair from the screen enter the loft, her lips parted in surprise looking at the tall handsome man, who alongside maintaining his grip on the women, single handedly held a baby carrier. Though another blink in appreciation of them and her eyes inherently zoned to the man of her dreams who had stepped to their side.

Glancing between Omar and Mohana, the man greeted “Hi guys, we’re all good?”

Exchanging greetings with him, Omar ran an informal introduction for Mohana to affirm the handsome visitor was indeed Jasper, the doctor and friend, who was unconditionally on Omar Shaan’s side.

Omar was saying “..trying to get over the hump from those medicines” motioning the couple towards the elevators

Managing a baby seat as if it weighed nothing, Jasper had his muscular arm draped possessively around Zaniha’s slim waist, holding her reliantly in his embrace. Divided at the triangle, Mohana gulped, pondering how Jasper would ever be able to part with his life for a friend, when her own selfish heart was crumbling to let go of that one man she could never even have to begin with.

“It took years for that door to open, we were getting concerned for everyone’s safety” Zaniha remarked heaving a sigh of discontent

Hearing a certain ring in the voice, Mohana shot a curious glance to the beautiful woman who had spoken for the first time since stepping inside. There appeared a strangely unique and subtle similarity in the sound, making it almost appear as if her friend Ceria had joined them too.

The feathered touch along her hand, distracted Mohana from her thoughts to find Omar gesturing her towards the sophisticated lift enclosure while speaking to Zaniha “..aren’t there only so many tries you get to convince security, it seems you already exhausted that by the presence of a recent visitor”

Being with Omar while always left Mohana to tackle a strange ruckus within, standing so close to him in the elevator, in the company of the luxurious couple had her further conscious. Steering herself to glance at her manicured nails Mohana traced the shape for each digit attempting to ambush the storm brewing inside while listening to the chatter surrounding her.

Grandly owning responsibility in granting permission to the security, Zaniha expressed disappointment with the celebrity designer “There are things I have to do because of you. It’s my role to help build credibility in us, at large, and you are not helping. Not after your recent actions where you have been occupied with being asleep, and neither after your current dealings with the likes of April”

“She was a sales associate” listening to Omar, Mohana puckered her lips, purposely siding with the objection Zaniha had formed, certain that the nearly unclothed visitor did not need any defending

Making their way from the elevator, Mohana found herself stepping inside another elegant room. Decked with plush seating, swathed in warm lights, the stylish interiors of the room screamed opulence for social entertaining. Apparently exasperated from his response as well, Zaniha countered “How can someone not have a review methodology as to who they are planning to do a tshirt business with?! Mohana, would you ever agree to doing business with that April?”

Surprised at the mention, Mohana rushed to launch her refusal, eager to declare her dislike of the visitor, but with much restraint she halted herself. Considering it was not her place to step in between Omar and Zaniha, she diplomatically offered “It seemed like she was not prepared for a business meeting, but I’m not aware of the designer world interactions so it really depends on you and him”

Seeing Zaniha’s exquisite beauty glow, his claim from the exposé interview ‘my attention is sorted’ stood exceptionally justified, Mohana wholeheartedly agreed that no Peggys of this world could ever compete the dazzling personality, large blue eyes, fine dressing style and rich dark hair that shone in stark contrast to the ivory skin. Mohana almost rolled her eyes for having ever confused the sales associate with this divine woman.

“Exactly! Why would anyone want to walk in a designer’s office in those strings!..” Zaniha vehemently stated, making Mohana innocently nod her head in agreement “..That’s why we both are deciding here, you and me” she confidently pointed amongst the two of them, taking Omar completely out of the equation

Though the award winning celebrity refused to have any of it “The only deciding factor is the tshirts”

“No, I refuse to take part in your shenanigans where those who matter to me are concerned” heatedly claiming, Zaniha approached the chaise where Mohana had shyly halted

Taking the baby seat carrier from Jasper, Omar rested it on the leather couch, giving Zaniha a dashing smile “What can I say, I’ve learnt from the best. But I can’t see any trickery in this case. If the tshirts are acceptable we get another order with that company, what matters is the quality of the product”

Seeing him smile so magnificently for someone else, alongside relentlessly siding with the barely clothed sales associate Mohana’s heart turned painfully inside

|| 20. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

Frowning alongside Mohana, Zaniha objected “Your reliability score is at an all time low and now you’re beginning to loose plausibility as well. I saw that April! And Mohana saw her and we disapprove, it has been decided”

“Not fair unless you are making scores in solitude. She is awake with me, that’s my reliability score right there shooting through the roof, and she can enlighten you on my reputation herself” Omar confidently claimed glancing at the editor-in-chief who unknown to him was bubbling with annoyance at his partiality of April

“Don’t misreport your scores because she’ll overrule all those journalist genes once she picks what a mischief maker you are!..” on a roll of her eyes, Zaniha turned to check on Mohana “..You’re feeling better?”

Her hurting heart wallowed in pain looking at the magnificent Zaniha, who meant the world to Omar Shaan, yet Mohana could not halt from admiring the relatable and flawless woman whose presence indeed made her feel cold and colorless. She overrode her instinct to run away, hide and somehow stitch along the pieces of her shattered heart, for she knew it only wanted what she could never have.

Feeling a surge of belonging at that caring concern filled voice, surprising herself, Mohana braved a smile “Ya, am all fine”

“And you had a filling breakfast, without any pranks?” Zaniha’s enquiry made her face flare with color at the reminder of having stolen those delicious brownies

The timely response from Omar rescued her from blurting her folly “No wonder you and that security team bond so much. She wasn’t exactly starved, but can definitely have another snack, I’ve sent a request to Tova, the staff will be here with refreshments”

“Sure ya” chirpily giving Omar a wide smile, Zaniha turned to whisper to Mohana “Don’t freak out, this is only for him”. Discreetly pulling from the side of her fine dress, Zaniha placed a large, cylindrical lump in Mohana’s palm

Coming in contact with the skin like texture of the long shaft, Mohana instinctively dropped the tool, exclaiming a whisper of her own, in utter confusion “For him?!”

Landing with a loud thud the cylindrical object of thick girth, a pronounced head, mimicking the shape of a large dick, started to vibrate on the low coffee table grabbing everyone’s attention. Taking that as a cue for interaction, the baby broke into a loud cry.

Mohana helplessly glanced at Jasper and the small child bundled in the blankets shrieking on top of his lungs “I like the toy. I didn’t mean to..” embarrassed her words fell to a halt

She courageously stepped ahead to reach for the tool which continued to make weird movements when towering from behind, Omar seized the formidable object from the surface altogether.

“Babies sometimes cry when their moms are wild pranksters” coolly swaying the baby to calm him, Jasper assured Mohana

Flipping the object around Omar tapped on it, bringing the thrusting movement and vibrations to a halt “She’s barely recovering, Zaniha” then turning to speak to Jasper, he frowned “Why does she even have this?”

“If you have forgotten, I am a doctor, I need supplies for basic education” Zaniha hastily interjected, smiling mischievously at Omar

“And she’s very adamant when it comes to proving her diagnosis” Jasper offered, lightly patting the young one in his arms who had stopped crying and was ready to catch on his nap again

Attempting to interpret how the toy had more to do with doctors and diagnosis but less to do with the baby, Mohana looked back at the object in Omar’s grip.

“Don’t even look at it” growling Omar stepped over to the couch to slap a cushion covering the chunky tool, moving the erect shaped object completely out of her sight

“Why not? She can do what she wants, I gave it to her, and it can be hers forever” snow blue eyes glinting bright, Zaniha claimed proudly

“I get to decide that” gritting to her, Omar exclaimed to Jasper “This is worse than that Ethan fiasco”

“Ethan is the most swee..” Zaniha had only begun when both men halted her in unison “Dolcezza”, “Zaniha”

Not quite following the trail of conversation Mohana looked from one adult to another in the room while innocently puckering her lips, Zaniha sought the companionship of Mohana, eagerly prompting “You don’t like Ethan?”

When it came to defending the caring steward Ethan, Mohana rushed to offer her agreement “Ya, I..”

“No. She doesn’t like him” Omar intervened blocking any appreciation of Ethan that might have been made possible with both women siding on their choiced steward. Glancing at Jasper who was settling the sleeping baby in his cushioned chair, Omar enquired “You’re letting her touch this stuff because she claims to be a doctor?”

“Jas, inform him I don’t claim to be a doctor. I am a doctor. He didn’t even read my message!” hurriedly stepping along the chaise, Zaniha walked over to persuade Jasper

Pulling his wife in the circle of his arms, Jasper confirmed “I will Gioia, the moment you stop singing praises of that Ethan” taking seat on the couch holding his delectable wife on the lap, Jasper explained to Omar “There’s no handling of this weirdness, we picked it up earlier and she wasn’t allowed to touch it until we came here. In return there’s a slew of debt to her name”

Shyly noticing their romantic gestures, the closeness between the dashing couple, Mohana glanced concernedly at Omar, but much to her surprise he seemed to have efficiently mastered his feelings, smiling at them he was saying “..more debt to her, from us now”

Raising his eyebrows in question, Omar whispered to Mohana “Alright?”

Her cheeks glowed at getting his attention “Yah. but that toy..”

“We don’t care about it” his grumble had her hesitantly glance towards the cushion which hid the tool, when cupping her elbow Omar guided her to the posh black leather sectional sofa

Hearing him busy in banter with the couple sitting across, discussing neat ways of getting back on pranks, her conviction became stronger that Zaniha was every bit the vibrant woman, a man like Omar Shaan could ever fall for

When the staff members brought in an array of selections, Mohana refused the mouthwatering food and beverage offerings accepting only water to keep her hands occupied. But one stolen glance at the handsome man besides, she nearly choked at the memory of falling in his winter pool

Hastily setting the glass aside, her cheeks rosy with embarrassment at what had followed next, feeling extremely bothered like she always did in his presence, Mohana racked her head to revise points from ‘The Bold List’. Throwing her leg over another, inconspicuously inching her dress higher she implemented the core principle she had captured for conveying boldness.

Chuckling on another anecdote with Jasper, Omar just as casually ran a hand on her creamy thigh rolling the dress back. The trail of fire on her skin had Mohana gulp, her disobeying heart relishing the fizzle of his touch urged her to let go of sanity and get cocooned in his arms.

Dismissing her unruly thoughts Mohana curiously inspected her knee, hearing Omar busy in conversation she innocently repeated the movement of tugging her dress higher but almost instantly his large hand settled the black fabric at its original length.

Not able to fathom why she was getting deviated from implementing her bold act, in adamant defiance, Mohana firmly shifted her dress higher again. This time keeping a grip on the hem. The reminder of reality pierced a fervid pain for being so close to the man she wanted for her forever, despite knowing that she would never be anyone for him, ever.

Ignoring the jitter escaping through her, Mohana looked at the woman in Jasper’s embrace, coming to the impressive realization that Zaniha was the epitome of boldness. Most if not all of the points Mohana referenced from ‘The Bold List’ appeared to outrightly correspond with her

Determined to get her bold-act aced as well, Mohana switched her crossed legs to implement another guideline from her list to appear lost in thought, reaching to touch her calf, when in a fluid tug her hand was halted, even before it had began its journey.

Encapsulated in his hold, their clasped hands got placed on his leg, making Mohana exceptionally aware of the muscular thigh under his blue denims, but in a mere blink she lost the power of his captivation. Her fingers shyly curled of their own accord yet before she could pull away, her dress was tugged lower and his hand covered hers again

“ can’t! Because if Mohana doesn’t know what toy that is, I am guessing you don’t need us to congratulate both of you for the babies” listening to Zaniha mention her name Mohana looked back at the couple

“Big deal doctor Zaniha, she’s recovering and you surprised her with your brute force techniques” countering Zaniha, Omar whispered to Mohana “I’ll get you something else to eat?”

“No” whispering in response, Mohana shyly turned her hand to free but mapping her fingers on his thigh Omar held her in place

Turning in Jasper’s arms, Zaniha complained to her husband “Jas, ask him to accept that he messed up big time”

“Mo’ana, tell her that we wanted to fly together” Omar swiveled his response with a smug smile

Hearing him say her name with such affectionate adoration, her cheeks flared bright red but owning her promised role of the make belief girlfriend, Mohana nervously rushed to favor Omar “Ya. we had planned.. together”

|| 20. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

Giving Mohana a mischievous smile Omar proudly declared “There you go. My approval rating intact as ever”. Unable to steer her eyes away from his sparkling orbs, Mohana tried reminding herself that there could only ever be Sophista between her and Omar Shaan, but her ardent heart rebuffed the reality with a stormy defiance.

Deeply frowning at his claim, Zaniha smugly stated “You wish, Omar! You made all those baby stories to prank us and now you should own them”

All daring resistance of her heart came to a halt listening to Zaniha, her entirety revolting, demanding Mohana to be his only woman ever, overrun with a rigid urge of wanting his baby to grow inside of her. Nervously running a hand through her silver blonde waves Mohana admonished the fierceness of her outrageous feelings.

Rolling the hem of her dress distractedly with her other hand Mohana claimed “He wouldn’t have been pranking. We thought of having.. uhm. a few of the cute ones? and then. we decided to. wait? Because. because we wanted to have them later”

Startled Zaniha glanced from Omar to Mohana before turning to look at Jasper, speaking to him in a surprised whisper “What did he do?”

Jasper possessively eased her frown, his fingers halting to caringly circle her temple “Nothing Gioia, she’s recovering, we’ll have to give him some bandwidth”

Giving him a nod, Zaniha turned in his arms, reclining on his chest she ignored Omar’s confident smile to shower all her attention on Mohana “A few of the cute ones?”

Biting on her lower lip, Mohana emphasized her claim “Ya. A few. Because they are cute and he likes them a lot”

“Of course what’s not to like” Omar added strengthening her assertion, stretching his arm across her lap he eased the hem lower playfully entangling her other hand with his as well

“That’s so adorable Mohana, since when would you say he has started liking cute ones so much?” Zaniha enquired shooting Omar a scowl

Picking the undertones of the question, catching the glare directed at Omar, her heart turned. She rushed to cover up for him when leaning sideways, Omar whispered to Mohana “For always”

On a light nod she hurriedly declared “Since we’ve been. uh. together! We’ve always wanted to have lots and lots of them! because he really likes them”

Glowering at their whispering, Zaniha sighed “My bad, I underestimated his powers of convincing, he’s obviously had a lot of time planning through this”

Courageously Mohana turned her hand wanting to nudge her dress higher but his firm hold prevented the move as he smugly responded to Zaniha “Just because someone else needed time to convince Jasper, doesn’t mean everyone needs it”

“He’ll get there” Jasper whispered to his wife, tenderly pecking her ear, before smilingly addressing Omar and Mohana “Yeah doctor dealings can get time consuming sometimes due to the sensitivity of the subjects, but we think it’s wonderful, isn’t it Gioia”

“Of course. It’ll be great to have lots and lots of cute ones all around us! But given that we still have maybe a few more months to welcome them, how about we have a talk in the meanwhile? Let’s say we should get to discussing work?” Zaniha suggested putting on a wide smile for Omar

“Work yes! Nothing’s more important than that. But can we talk? uhm first? mo mhuirnín?” Mohana barely managed to whisper her endearment

Omar ecstatically smiled “Right. We’ll talk first, and Jasper and Zaniha can talk in the meanwhile. Then everyone would have spoken to each other and no one else would have any need to talk except of course Jehan because he’s asleep right now”

“And if by chance he wakes up while you are not here, we’ll talk to him too and let him know you both are busy talking” Jasper lightly chuckled, his eyes holding a glint of mischief

Zaniha shared her agreement “Ya, he’ll be extremely happy to know about the few other upcoming cute ones too”

Pulling Mohana with him, Omar casually shrugged “Maybe, maybe not, we’re not having cute ones right away. Jehan’s going to be our center of attention because there’s still sometime. lot of time. or maybe we’ll consider not having them at all”

Swiveling around in Jasper’s arms Zaniha complained to him “There! He couldn’t even pretend for long and he has her so much bothered”

“She’s with me and I said maybe!” declaring Omar rushed Mohana beyond the room


Before she could even blink Mohana was swung in the air “O..h” her palm brushed against his hard chest, almost eager to clasp on to him but she hastily withdrew to curl the hem of her dress instead

“Why haven’t you had anything to eat?” carrying her through the hallway his husky demand made her eyes swoop low

The touch of his arm under her thighs had her shuffle in his hold croaking a response unsurely “Not hungry?”

Walking them inside a grand room, Omar motioned for the door to close behind them “Not thirsty either?” she shook her head emphatically at the thought of that glass of water

Finding herself in an altogether different area Mohana took in the regal setup around the lavish pool table, groaning inwardly on how it was no wonder she had not been able to figure out an exit from this maze.

Settling her atop the billiards table, Omar stared into her silver depths “Factually, we are not having any babies at all. Say yes”

“O.. uh. of course. because. we can’t do this. why would we ever even..” she attempted a discreet tug to inch her dress higher, wanting to get in the bold zone “..uhm and I wasn’t the one anyways, who overnight thought there was a baby inside of me”

Entwining fingers with hers, Omar halted Mohana from maneuvering the hem, straightening it smoothly his hand lingered, grip fastening on her satiny thigh, slipping under the black dress to get completely hidden by it “I wasn’t the one who kept me waiting nearly indefinitely to resolve that, you’ve any idea what I went through?”

A shudder escaped Mohana remembering his words: you have been freezing cold with these bloody medicines, shivering, becoming pale, getting skews in your temperature and in a constant state of drowsiness. A guilt soaked ache roiled in her tummy for having made him suffer her company and unwell state, clenching onto the side rail of the pool table she acknowledged his hardship “I.. ya. no. because I was. it was because of me. But who says no to cute babies for real?”

“Nah, am way too possessive” growling a whisper, his caresses on her thigh trekked higher leaving trails of burning heat along her tender skin

His words stung her heart but his touch had her breathlessly shift “Obviously not enough possessive from how I see this. That handsome hunk wants those cute things..”

“Wait. what? what handsome hunk dared to tell you that?” Omar growled his hold deepening on her thigh

Biting on her lower lip to divert herself from getting lost in his enchantment, she carefully formed words “Jasper? That handsome doctor? with her? Anyone can see he’s so dashing and drool worthy, like the perfect husband material every woman wishes for and he wants all the cute things. I am trying but I have no clue how you’re going to win from him”

“Jasper, okay, sure. I don’t know either. I’ve no idea. But we discussed you are my girlfriend, so you’ll be taking my side for me, because we are together” inching closer Omar wrapped her legs making them hook around him

The nerve tingling sensations his fingers trailed from circling the ankle to smoothing her calf had Mohana instinctively cling onto him. Her obstinate eyes lowered from the pitch black spheres to land on delectable lips making her heart thud louder, craving his fastened grip to bind her to his muscular strength and for those lips to imprint their touch all over her

Forcibly covering up her unjustifiable fancies, cheeks flaming at the unruly desires Mohana blazed through her defense mechanism “Because of all. ya, but why would I talk to a doctor in this life. and here would you believe I? me. all of me. was able to talk to him, despite him being a doctor. because he is so handsome and caring, did you see how adorable he was with the little cute bundled baby and he was so forgiving even when I dropped that toy..”

“Forget that object..” Omar intervened her gushing “..because what’s more vital for us right now is to interpret how much of this caring, is included in your very very kind category”

Her face glowed like a neon sign, shyness gushing at the reference of her discussion with Trissa, but her heart tangentially worlds apart was unable to halt from relishing his touch under the skirt of her dress. Mohana outrightly chose denial “No. You can’t read that. Not at all. Trissa and I.. it wasn’t something to be read. by you. it was for us. and for our.. our.. whatever, because we were hanging out before Tyr’s interview and it was more about other things and nothing about you. nothing at all”

“Yeah it wasn’t about me at all. that’s why there were only two very very to my being kind and the third very was erased” Omar stated nearly on a growl, teasing the black lacey strap of the panties on her lower waist, his other hand mimicking to follow the same route tugged her further close to his sculpted torso

Denying herself the diversion of the handsome man ahead, Mohana formed her objection, zestfully hoping for some reason to upturn the reality of Omar having accessed her chat with Trissa “There can’t be any time left for you to read those notes, you.. and I. we.. we were sleeping together!”

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