Chapter 29 – Jeans

|| 29. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

Settled inside the avion, Mohana curled the hem of her top, longingly glancing towards the lodge that had been home for the past days. The teasing playfulness, luxurious food offerings, surfing turquoise waters, from recipe tweaks to creating paragliding trails, bonfires to stargazing and snuggling into him every night, all rushed in a jumble of extreme happiness for their laughter to echo in her ears.

Having selected the skimpiest of outfits alongside implementing the core bold list principles, none of the many attempts from tugging her dresses higher, running fingers along her legs or implementing their curve all the many different ways, had yielded to his kisses. Let alone create an occurrence for his lips to land on every speck of her body as she so needily desired.

Spending hours on the outdoor swing she had hoped for a replay of the night of their engagement, though no turning event had ever materialized, leaving her thoughts to many a times wander towards creating endless strategies for her work.

Despite her unending defeats, Mohana had embraced every moment with her temporary fiancé, living the dream of a lifetime, fondly tucking every moment, every smile, every gesture for her memories. On a nostalgic sigh, she puckered her lips at the inevitable return to the real world, stealing a glance of her companion whose torso had been covered in a shirt after endless days

Her own legs decidedly clad in denims after long, for she had been unable to find any formal attire to make an appearance back at work. When Omar reached to move her seat turning it to himself, her breathing halted at the ceaseless expectations making her heart bob, hoping for his lips to slam onto hers just once, instead she heard his deep voice enquire “Care to fly with me?”

“Ya. I really know how to fly. because my dad taught me when I.. uhm and Carter. He showed me a lot of maneuvers, I can loop, roll, stall among many others tricks and literally remain undetectable in the sky” Mohana rushed in her nervousness, eyes determinedly halting on his lips, awaiting a fulfillment to get her mouth possessively captured by his

A low hum was all the response she received, getting scooped in his arms, settled between his legs to face the aircraft panel ahead. Cheeks blazing pink, Mohana turned in his arms “Fly? with you? like surf. uhm paraglide. with you?”

“Yeah, Eli had me started with my first avion and I’ll show you all what I’ve learnt over the years for us to compare notes..” encapsulating her hand in his, Omar secured the harness around them, binding Mohana to his ripped torso “ long as you can manage being with barbed wires a while longer”

His chuckle had Mohana turn to look at the windscreen, eyes rushing with unshed tears, she bravely retorted “I’ll try. Its all going to end soon anyways”

Glancing at the view ahead, rapidly blinking her eyes, she attempted to make shapes from the overlay of clouds to divert her thoughts, but every puff in turn appeared to be kissing the other, making Mohana sigh in exasperation. Taking off, their avion raced to higher altitudes making the island soon become invisible, leaving her with only memories of his luring kisses and their time together.

Taking a sharp turn to loop through the sky, her gaze landed at the large jewel adorning her ring finger, finding comfort in knowing what she had felt the night of her engagement had been real and not entirely a figment of her imagination.

Swirling the Heicte avion like a power toy in the air, showing stunts to each other Mohana was lost in relishing his company, but when Omar guided them to land on the penthouse roof, her heart raced in anxiety of their impending separation. Not wanting any of this to ever come to an end, she unabashedly turned on his chest hiding her face.

Effortlessly scooping Mohana in his arms Omar made their way through the elevators “Hungry?”

“Noh” her response came muffled, grip on his shirt fastening wanting to grasp all she could of her remaining moments with her fiancé

Slipping Mohana against his frame, Omar leaned against his desk making their eyes at level, caringly setting her blond wavy locks “I’ll see you in a while?”

Face blushing in his illustrious proximity, her overpowering shyness barely let her form words, though in no certain terms her parched lips had any desire to wait for another while to come along to get claimed. Despite all the days she had spent with the man of her dreams, her nervousness had only further multiplied, but so had her desperation. Wanting to tell him what she had always held close to herself, her grip fastened on his tshirt “No. I. you. us. I want you to..”

“Jojo is here” a voice interrupted through the office running an announcement only for Omar to grumble a definitive “Fin”

His arms slipped from along her waist to tenderly trace the temple “Hm? You want me to?”

“I want you to know, you..” gazing at her fastened fist which gripped his shirt in such desperation, her heart wrenched at the realization that his hold on her, had all but receded

Eyes brimming with tears of embarrassment, her fingers eased their clasp, regrettably ironing the fabric she had so selfishly crumpled. Biting hard on her lower lip to stop tears from rolling, she sternly reminded herself, had she not fallen sick, none of this would have ever happened because Omar Shaan was a celebrity and they had nothing between them except Sophista.

“I meant, your chocolates. I want you to know. that I haven’t forgotten. about them. I’ll have my staff get them shipped to you, so you won’t have to. see me. in a while” turning her back to him, Mohana intently focussed at her blurred steps making way through his office loft. Her feet halted at the doors, where days ago she had pretended to be a girl friend for the famed Omar Shaan for the tshirt sales associate April.

“Unlock?” Mohana croaked a whisper on a nostalgic quiver, when on a gesture of his hand the chunky doors slid open

Across the threshold, dressed in a beautiful dress, face glowing, Jojo beamed a welcome “Miss Mohana, you’re..”

“I don’t know if I can ever express how much I have missed you” eyes tearing up, Mohana hastily crossed beyond the office doors to hug her personal assistant

Exchanging an unsaid greeting with the tall designer celebrity who stood halted besides the large walnut desk, Jojo gushed to her boss “Same here Miss Mohana, I don’t think I like my existence without you”

“Impossible, when you had us exist to come this far” Mohana smiled through her tears and without a glance to the man of her dreams, she urged her heart to pull its act together and walk away. No matter howsoever desperately she wanted to belong to him in the realm of her reality, she very well knew he would never be hers.

The Sophista editor-in-chief office was bustling with leaders of all departments to welcome Mohana. From a run of excited congratulations, the team burst with accolades for the December issue, reported numbers for which had already amassed record sales, bumping their quarterly estimates by a large margin. Catching a glance at the stack of the current journal issues, her cheeks flamed seeing her picture with the handsome man, whose kisses she had so desperately craved all through these days.

Turning the top cover upside down, blocking the incessant longing of the enigma that was Omar Shaan, Mohana settled right back into her role, work being the only emotion she allowed herself to relish. In time thoroughly updated on all movement, the meeting shaped into a discussion where her responses and decisions on all matters had the staff readily check off their lists.

|| 29. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

Sipping onto her tea, tasting the many heart shaped treats Jojo had organized, Mohana interacted with her team, guiding the department heads to focus on pertinent issues, reviewing pipeline for the remaining days of the year and ensuring their next quarterly issues would deliver an ever bigger impact.

Concluding the session, staff exchanged wishes with Mohana and each other for catching up at the Christmas holiday gathering later in the night. With the office clearing, Jojo approached Mohana with a binder “All the highlights are here for your review, but I want you to take a break because you’ve merely landed a few hours ago and we have already gotten you neck deep into work. I’ll sort out the drafts for your approval before we head for the Christmas party tonight”

Taking the binder from Jojo, Mohana shared heartfelt adoration of her personal assistant, appreciating her support, recounting how much she had thought about her through the past days. Eyes glistening Jojo shared similar sentiments, having immensely missed her boss

“..I’ll forever be glad for your partnership, Jojo. Send the drafts to me, I’ll finalize them with lunch and..”

Eyes widening at the trajectory of those thoughts, Jojo jumped right in “No Miss Mohana, I cannot allow you to do that because you need to start taking proper breaks. Your calendar is free until the end of the year and in a couple weeks from now, I have it organized to include breakfast, lunch and in between breaks to include times for thoughts and meditation”

Mohana opened her mouth to object, but her eyes immediately landed on the neighboring tower in the distance. Precisely at the loft windows opposite to hers, before raising to a certain roof where someone had been indeed meditating. Thoughts of them together in the same shower, the pink lingerie Omar had undone, the taste of him, his demanding lips, lingered in her thoughts, making her face blush.

Fidgeting with one of the pods she closed the blinds of her loft, nervously glancing away to run fingers through the many camilla buds that stood flooding the large vase on her desk “Uhm. I don’t really want to take so many breaks but what’s important is, I lost that confectionary box and I want you to have the staff order a few cases of all the varieties from that airport chocolate shop to get it delivered to the December cover celebrity”

Glancing at the vase then at her boss Jojo flipped the tiny gadget to diligently make a note “Yes, Miss Mohana”

Neatly resting on the silver tray at her desk, the delicately carved barrette caught her attention, heart instantly jumping in excitement, remembering how Omar had undone her hair on the night of his exposé interview. Looping her blonde hair in a french knot Mohana sternly reminded herself: All she had wanted was to get Omar Shaan on the cover of the Sophista December issue. That was, whatever there was to it.

Dismissing all thoughts of the handsome man, Mohana grabbed another agreement from her desk discussing movement with Jojo “..have Kilo’s staff get me the entire financial breakdown with the new numbers, I want to review bonus allotment for the staff, send me the revised Botar Contract, push back on the Louvas Match until Sophista gets exclusive rights, message Sir Gallaghair the prototype for the summer issues, ask Hibi for entire communication trails the weeks I’ve been away. And if you decide to take the day off, forget everything I’ve just said”

“I won’t have to take the day off Miss Mohana, Leya already had Salm finalize perfect dresses for you and me, it was just a matter of when Omar would agree to flying you back. And our dresses for tonight are so so impressive, I’ll bring them for your review after lunch” Jojo happily informed, her eyes shining in excitement

“Tonight. yes. but. I meant for you to take a breather? some time off? whenever you want. I had messaged Fizar, he should’ve by now updated an entire quarter of vacation and additional payout for the same in your account. I shouldn’t have ditched you to run this entire show by yourself” voice quivering in guilt, her hand slightly shook before Mohana discarded the digital sheets away to pick the binder

Hopping on the desk, Jojo curiously looked at her boss “Sir Gallaghair was so right, this is exactly what happens when you become such a workaholic! But you didn’t ditch me, you have trained me for times like this and I nonetheless had our entire team supporting me throughout your vacation”

Appalled Mohana shut close the binder, righteously claiming “I am not really a workaholic. I just returned from not having worked through anything for days at end”

“I would have to severely disagree, despite your not being here the only difference was we all terribly missed our Miss Mohana, but work was smooth because of the goal oriented planning and robust partnerships you’ve established. There was no room for a single disorder to occur, except the influx of these crazy gifts that appear year after year in your honor. And this is only a sampling, everything else is in the warehouse” Jojo smiled proudly at her boss

Noticing the other end of her office loft where Jojo motioned, Mohana noticed a congregation of various paintings stacked one ahead the other, unique statue pieces, selection of vases, accompanying designer furniture pieces, along endless boxes and bags of designer labels organized meticulously one top of another

Heaving a sigh Mohana dismissed the collection of gifts “That is just Choice, who even knows how flawed these voting systems are”

“For this very reason, I have reviewed the authenticity of their process, which is why you must relax some Miss Mohana because tonight’s going to be very busy for you. Given your break, everyone is restless to meet you, they are vying for your attention, wanting to be the first ones to congratulate you in person..”

Preparing a fruit tea for Mohana, Jojo served her heart shaped bonbons “..though you specifically need to watch out for Matahi, because he is coming with an entire script of hundred and thirty six minutes and this time he is beyond adamant, plus he got Soren Rick to sign up last night. So you have them both partnering to convince you. And take a glance at this”

The massive floor to ceiling digital wall in the office loft came to life showcasing an impromptu shot of Soren Rick. Scenic skiing mountains in the background, his hair ruffled, eyes looking straight at the lens, the delightful shot captured his laugh as he held a cup of beverage, dressed in casual tshirt and jeans, sporting a dark gray leather jacket.

Glancing at the gorgeous capture of the cinematic heartthrob, Mohana remembered her request to Jojo from their Sarrata trip, mainly ensuring she was equipped with basic information to maintain Soren Rick as her shield ‘..Can you ask Roja to pull all his pictures where Soren is wearing a leather jacket?..’

One shot after another, each image of the award winning actor from various locales, encompassing beautiful landscapes, variety of accessories, across the many different poses, some spontaneous while others formal, rolled on the enormous digital screen, and in every picture he determinedly carried a leather jacket

“There are around a few thousand of these, and Roja’s team attached a foot note to each picture including information on the designer of his jackets for quick reference..” grabbing the pod Jojo flipped from the series to jump to another shot of the film star “..we have around sixty seven percent where he is wearing Shaan Designs, thirteen percent is Jergar Fore, the ones in dark blue are all Kodals which would account for eleven and the remaining are Rebecha Ja, very likely because he dated her for a while”

Mohana clenched her fists at that information, tummy swirling for having believed the claim Omar had made ‘..No one can have the jacket that’s ours because it has never been in production, what’s mine, is always mine..’

Flipping around a digital pen, dismissing her twisting heart she gave Jojo a smile “Great, he most certainly can afford a lot of Shaan Designs. Let’s review these shots to select a case of them, I don’t care which designer but have Soren confirm the pics he’d want to autograph for merch gifts for his fans. Coordinate that for when he’s on our cover next year”

“Your readers are going to go insane, Miss Mohana! And Soren Rick is crazy for such publicity, such hotness is what makes working at Sophista so exciting..” Jojo blissfully glanced at the screen, flipping to another image “..look at this one he is looking so handsome, those muscles, his messy hair, the most yummiest chocolate everyone wants a bite off..”

“Definitely and we can wait until later tonight to meet him at the Christmas party” Mohana kindly smiled at her assistant

“So many handsome men, their glorious abs and one Sophista, I am never going on that quarter vacation you have granted me Miss Mohana, you might not be allowed to be a workaholic but I can still be. Ah and it’s time for your lunch break” eyes sparkling in excitement, Jojo crossed over to the office door

|| 29. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

The only lunch her heart craved was what she had eaten on the island, but with no possibility of ever tasting those meals again, Mohana sabotaged the growl in her tummy “Am not feeling hungry..” but her claim halted mid air

“Hey” heart nearly hopping out, she looked at the owner of that deep velvety voice, who stood casually beyond the thick doors. The unfamiliarity of finding Omar Shaan at her office, had Mohana fretfully consider if she was imagining his presence, having completely lost her mind or had she yet again stolen another something that belonged to him.

“For lunch, I’ll have mako’n chako. all flavors of the real processed stuff, because I want to get over all the random flavors I’ve had” she declared to the room for no one in particular except a certain man, who seemed to appear closer with every word

Casually stepping through her office loft, Omar rested the large picnic basket for Mohana to gather she was left all alone with the designer celebrity, her assistant having likely left at his arrival closing the office doors behind. Mimicking his steps, she increased the distance between them, rounding around the corner of the desk, nervously grabbing a set of sheets

“Certainly, we’ll send this back to Tova and let her know you don’t approve of her recipes” grabbing her wrist Omar tugged her closer slipping an arm along her waist

Her butterflies stuck to his magnetism as if they had been parched for eons, but hesitant to soak his warmth for when it would disappear again, Mohana pulled out of his grasp “That’s ambiguity in communication because I liked her. I don’t want to hurt her feelings, she was very kind to me, so I’d much rather have my staff send her an acknowledgement”

Lifting her to settle on the desk, Omar eased the barrette from her hair in one fluid move, sinking his fingers in the thick silken locks “Only a few weeks ago I was very very kind”

Pulling her facade of indifference, Mohana smiled in reference of the interaction with Trissa “Wouldn’t you agree, it’s a polite adjective that can be used for someone who happens to be considerate, generous and gracious, yet at the same time to describe a random stranger with whom my path wouldn’t have crossed if it weren’t for certain unfavorable circumstances”

“Because this is favorable?” his ferocious growl vibrated through her, making nervous eyes glance at his to find them pitch dark

“Hm?” concernedly following his gaze Mohana found the award winning actor Soren Rick, adorning her digital wall. Only this time Mohana was in the picture with him. Captured at the after party event of the award ceremony, leather jacket held loosely in one hand, Soren had his other arm draped along her waist pulling Mohana towards himself, both of them laughing, gazing at each other

“I need some sort of a rational explanation why you have this jerk on your wall when you decided against our picture from the beach” Omar grit each word, the underlying fierceness piercing her heart

Dismissing the turmoil writhing through her, Mohana hastily covered the pod, pausing the display from shifting to another image. Catching the faint footnote which denoted the jacket was indeed from Shaan Designs, she retorted in her own fury “I like to learn from my mistakes, but don’t necessarily need them decorating my wall. And while I don’t owe explanations to anyone besides my boss, he is the man I dream about..”

“He’s a worthless jerk who is based on random scripts and if we have to, we’ll stay awake all night, every night until you forget the idiot. Switch off that damn screen or am going to shatter it to pieces” Omar adamantly tugged Mohana closer, her breasts barely able to catch a breath getting smashed against his rock solid chest

She attempted to introduce inches between them but his firm grip on her hips kept her unmoved, much to the fancy of her butterflies who could not stop replicating by the hordes at his touch “You wouldn’t do that. Because contrary to what you had me think the jacket he is holding is from your very brand, though I can’t care less for as long as I am sharing whatever belongs to him”

Clasp firming on her hair Omar snarled “The Kiate base model has been in production for years but the leather jacket we shared is not. and won’t ever be. because what’s mine, is always mine. You will tell me you didn’t talk to him for this ridiculous reason”

She pushed on his chest, heart wrenching at his derision of her “I’ll talk to him whenever I want, for whatever I want, because we are close and we share everything because he’s mi..”

“Don’t” grunting his lips slammed on hers

Her entire body sparked at the feverish sensations, melting under the assault of his dominating lips. Needily grabbing on to his shirt, Mohana tugged herself ahead, deprivation of days disappearing, she fiercely responded to his each move, her heart banging in euphoria, sucking him, tasting him, moaning under his commanding caresses.

Deepening the kiss, Omar tangled their tongues, his large hands tracing her denim clad legs, locking her to wrap them around his waist. Agitatedly running fingers along her thighs, he gripped her hips moving Mohana impossibly closer for their cores to align. Hand slipping under the short top, laying flush against the small of her bare back, held her determinedly captive.

Consumed by him, an unexplainable yearning roused through her, burning a desire so intense it made her moans deeper, her latch onto his shirt fasten, face blazing in color, but it distorted her entirety when his lips disappeared from hers altogether

Desire swimming in her eyes, Mohana swiftly fastened hold on his shirt, a questioning moan surfacing her demanding need. Rapidly stroking the column of her neck, Omar rasped “We can’t do this”

Staring into the glimmer of his black spheres, her legs clenched their clasp on his waist, fighting to defy every speck of shyness Mohana courageously declared her want “We. can”

Easing the shirt from her unrelenting fists he pecked her knuckles, grazing her palms with his thumb, he brought her fingers to brush against his lips “We can’t”

“Why not” she dared a breathless whisper, the rush of fiery heat stirring a craving so deep, she wanted nothing besides getting immersed in his touch

Running the back of her fingers against his cheek, his lips tenderly stroking her digits before he tantalizingly sucked her palm “Because am possessive like that..” fluently aiding her fingers to undo the shirt buttons, he demandingly placed her hand on his heart “..and you can only hold me”

The explosive spark between them had her fingers curl, gushing with shyness she barely managed her agreement “Ya”

Swiping his thumb along her lower lip, Omar traced her blushing cheeks, before caressing back and forth along her jaw, tilting her face to demand “Look at me”

Her eyes fluttered hastily at his demand, catching a glimpse of him before shyly swooping lower again. Stroking the rampant heart beat at the base of the neck, his lips followed the trajectory of his fingers, coarsely enquiring “Would it be too much to assume, you didn’t forget me getting swamped with work?”

“Noh” she croaked arching into his embrace, reveling in every design his mouth drew on her skin

|| 29. PAIZE 4 ♥ ||

Smoothing the length of her denim clad legs, Omar stroked her waist, shaping the contour of her torso, skimming along the sides of her heaving breasts, gruffly commanding “Say you missed me”

Bound in the rigid grip, soaking his mesmerizing lips trailing kisses along her collarbones, Mohana instinctively clasped onto him, a deep moan escaping the back of her throat, barely managing “Yah”

Inching the neckline of her pink top, his lips hovered above the curve of her rapidly heaving breasts, thumb stroking the shy swell escaping the bounds of her fragile pink lace bra “Say the words”

Basking in the passionate seize which was ruffling a fanatical disruption in her, nails digging their mark recklessly on him, she tried “I mis..” earnestly rushing “..I missed you. a lot”

Sloping the short sleeve from her shoulder, Omar rolled away the noodle strap before receding the delicate lace of her bra, possessively cupping her breast in his palm “Say you want me”

“Ya..h. I..” breathlessly clasping on to his nape, fingers slipping in his luxurious hair, biting back on another moan she abided by his order “I.. want you”

Thumb caressing her creamy skin, lightly grazed the raised nipple “How much?”

Breath hitched in pleasure of his strong confinement, fingers heedlessly digging harder at the intense rush of sensations, pushing herself on his palm, Mohana gazed into the depths of his glitter filled eyes, uninhibitedly whispering “More. more than anything. ever”

“Ever” his lips took hers in an enchanting kiss. Another caressing touch, a stroking pattern, Omar teased her perked breast, his dominating moves governing her moans. Rolling the bud between his thumb and forefinger he released her mouth for the sensual sounds to fill the office loft.

Sucking on her bottom lip, his touch slid along her neck, peppering kisses on the curve of the rapidly rising and falling breasts, before inching lower, swirling his tongue on the strained nipple, he captured it between his lips.

A low sound of pleasure barely escaped as she held on to him with desperation, head thrown back, her voice laden in thick desire “Om”

Swiping his thumb on her lips, he fluently rid the other lace cup, fingers mimicking their attentiveness in fondling the swell of her breast, teasing her, making unsurmountable heat blaze through her body.

A systematic buzz erupted through the classic silver device decorating her desk, but it was not granted any attention by either of them. His mouth slid along her heaving breasts, teasing the pulse at her throat, sucking the tender skin of her neck, only to return caressing her other nipple, twirling it between his lips and tongue, inducing a storm of fire.

“Hi Miss Mohana, this is Derek” the voice from the door went unheard as Mohana basked in pleasure clasping onto the man of her dreams

Getting smashed to his bare torso, her breasts collided against the hot sculpted chest for ceaseless disruptions to spark inside. Kissing along the column of her neck Omar hoarsely whispered “Ignore”

“Don’t” misinterpreting his demand, her voice shyly appealed, not wanting to ever get rebuffed by him. Fingers courageously slipping along his nape, daring a caress to feel his skin under her tips “Say you won’t ever”

“Why can’t I ignore an annoying piece of dunce?” Omar growled clasping hold of her face

Her fingers halted their trail, curling in the air as her eyes surged with tears of embarrassment. Almost instantly freezing in his arms, Mohana faked a wide smile “Dolt. I usually call myself that but dunce works. so does annoying”

“Have you lost your mind..” Omar lashed out, grip fastening on her blonde locks, he rashly tugged her closer “..there’s an idiot at your door. whom I wanted us to ignore. because I can’t get enough of you and of all days, you decided to wear jeans today”

“Who?” uncertainty clawing her insides, her voice quivered from being so embroiled in Omar, she had not heard anything besides her own desire filled sounds melding with his rich voice

Grip easing, yet gaze not wavering from the silver depths, Omar delicately dressed her, the back of his fingers skimming her breasts as he covered them with lace. Setting the straps on her shoulder, he secured the pink top “How does that matter?”

“It doesn’t” she croaked, for nothing mattered except his derision of her and amidst the tumble of all feelings a huge tear rolled down her glowing face, another following right behind

Hastily stroking away the salty beads, Omar growled “M’anam, I can’t have tears in your eyes every time we..” words halting, he ran a jagged hand through his hair

“What if. they. if they heard..?” grasping her surroundings, Mohana nervously shifted on the office desk

Blocking her escape Omar planted hands on either side “I turned the pirca off, no one got a sound, but I want you to hear me out. You’re going to stay with me throughout tonight, we attend the Christmas gathering together and we fly back to our island”

Fluttering anxiously at the loss of his touch, her butterflies shamelessly swirled in the pit of her stomach urging her to throw herself at him, yet maintaining their separation she reasoned “But I have completely recovered, I haven’t had a jitter in all through these days and there’s work..”

Covering her lips with his thumb, Omar ascertained “Work will wait. Everything will wait. But I can’t. I am going to come pick you right here, sharp at four. Say yes”

“Yes” Mohana automatically affirmed, breathing shallow following the trail of his thumb along the corner of her mouth, the back of his fingers skimming along her cheek bones

“And if you’re nice to me..” circling her temple Omar whispered the endearment “..m’anam..” skimming the corner of her eye, he smoothed the blushing cheek “ chroí..”, coming to caress her lower lip he huskily added “ shíorghrá..” tipping her chin “..I’ll let you know what all these words mean en-route our avion ride this time. but because you are my treasure, mo stór, can your eyes look at me?”

“Hm” yet her shy eyes remained swooped low, no matter how much those butterflies pestered and heart rapidly bounced

Embracing her in his arms Omar dropped a kiss on her head. Carrying her to the couch, unpacking the expansive picnic, he handed her their standard single flatware setting. Pulling her on his lap making her feed him, he captured a blonde tendril, coiling it around his fingers “I read Tyr’s interview and while I won’t let you have a lot of those instant tubs of mako’n chako, I’ll get us some to try for over the weekend”

Hiding her face on his chest, Mohana shyly asserted “No. I only want the ones you make”

“How about we compare, taste test them with our creations and perhaps you would decide you don’t want to get over all the random stuff..” tipping her chin, he whispered “ your life”

Her hand faltered, fork slipping in the bowl, heart twisting wanting to rush every comfort to douse the unsettling edge in his voice. She needily gazed into his eyes, when his mischievous smile returned “You loose the fork”

Breaking a chicken tender with her fingers, Mohana slipped it through his lips “You’re feeding me smaller bites”, “You gave me less cheese”, “You forgot to feed me the seaweed” his complaints had her roll her eyes in exasperation before she broke into a chuckle, rolling three layers of seaweed on the rice ball stuffing his mouth in challenge

Her fancy office loft surrounding them, appeared to be the only change from their days on the island as laughter ran through the massive room. Until she glanced at her crossed legs covered in blue denims, his large muscular hand gripping her thigh ‘..of all days, you decided to wear jeans today..’ Face blushing profusely, she consciously shifted on his lap feeding another bite, this time intentionally smaller for him to protest again.

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