Chapter 07 – Naughty or Nice

|| 07. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

“Who him?” the grave command came accompanied with his large hand possessively encapsulating her midriff flushing her frame against him

Feeling the growl vibrate from under her cheek, Mohana lifted her sleep laden heavy lashes again. Expecting to see sparkling black eyes that belonged to her warmth filled dream she instead stared at fury. Her lips formed a small pout in complaint, Polo couldn’t have angry eyes.

Overcoming the dozy resistance she blinked her eyes in an attempt to confirm her findings. The fuming orbs indeed did not belong to her stuffy anymore. Their ownership seemed to have shifted to a dashing someone else. A very magnificent dashing someone else. One who seemed vehemently furious.

“Someone bothered you?” she heard the words being ground out with urgency

Mohana closed her eyes before slowly daring to open them again. Without a doubt she seemed to be staring at none other than Omar Shaan. The ecstatic smile tugging at her lips broadened.

Closing her drowsy silver eyes contently she let out a relieved breath. “Noh..” mumbling the needful response to rest his anger she blissfully claimed what circled in her heart “..sooo hann..dsumm!”

Mohana’s sleepy fingers captured in his large hand rested on a harshly beating heart. Mumbling something under his breath Omar stiffly stated “Forget him. Let’s get something in your tummy”

“Nooh..” her lips breathing along the column of his muscular neck held a refusal. On an almost mesmerized sigh she whispered “..sooo hot!”. Shyly shuffling against the wall of strength her forehead brushed his chiseled jaw making the hand on her waist firm. Her heaving chest rubbed against his steel like muscles covered in the crisp white tshirt.

Grumbling rapid words under his breath, he eased her captured arm to lower only to hear another complaint escape her “mmhh”

Omar cupped her face in his large hand “I’ll sort him out..” smoothing her temple he added “..but if you don’t feel like waking up I’ll tell Bella we don’t want any raspberries and mangos for our lunch, should we do that?”

Sleepily straightening from his chest she scrunched her eyes open with an adamant pout. Relishing the protective hold of his palm she let her face rest on his strong hand. The mention of an unknown between them had her clearly upset.

Declaring “Noh..” Mohana demanded “..who’s bella?” awaiting an answer she leaned forward drowsily on his chest not wanting to give up on his warmth just yet

“Our stewardess Bella, she told me everyone has had lunch, you are the only one who is left hungry” the voice confirmed, his hand at the waist playing with the ruffles of her top

Her eyes blinked wide open at the mention of ‘our stewardess Bella’. Now fully attentive, her gaze landed on his adam’s apple. She parsed the well formed muscles on his arm, peeking from under the sleeve of his white tshirt. Mohana managed a croak that had had her bothered “Stewardess?”

Making small soothing circles on her temple Omar confirmed “Yeah, she will get you lunch”

Her breathing awry at his enchanting touch Mohana lightly pulled back. She wanted to verify if it was indeed who she feared this velvety rich voice belonged to. Untangling her fingers from the belt loop she moved her dainty hand to rest on his chest. Her dreams becoming an instant reality was not how she had planned to wake up from her innocent nap.

Reclined on his chest, her legs possessively parked atop one of his Mohana sat clutching on to him with need. Her chest heaved to draw a hesitant breath. She certainly had a dire need to hold onto his magnificence but a far urgent need to run away and hide from him surfaced with much more fervor. Her fluffy Polo had indeed become the real Omar Shaan. And for one she wasn’t sure how had that been made possible.

Gulping at the oddity Mohana tried the first rationale thoughts that buzzed through her “Salm?! I thought this.. uh. Salm was here? Uhm. I was taking a nap. A short nap. And I thought.. this.. is Salm”. Mohana patted on his chest with conviction. The burning sensation transferring to her fingers, had her nervously curl her hand in a fist

Twirling a golden lock of hair within his fingers, his dark eyes boring into hers Omar merely whispered “You would have taken a nap with Salm like this?”

“No! Uh! No uhm not Salm! I thought.. it’s uh.. uhm.. I.. ” she halted, her face glowing brightly at his words. Mohana desperately searched for a name. Any name that could rescue her from accepting the truth. Her heart fretted at being exposed. No part of her being wanted to have a conversation about her dreams with Omar Shaan. Let alone inform him of his own consistent presence in them.

She somehow managed to come with a most reasonable name “I thought it’s Soren! Soren Rick!”

“Soren Rick?..” Omar gave a considering nod “..because he is so handsome and so hot?” he repeated words she had been mumbling against his chest

“Ya!” Mohana confirmed professing complete confidence. Not wanting to leave room for any doubt she emphatically added “He is very handsome! And very hot!”

Soren Rick seemed like the safest bet for a dream man. His name started with the same initial as Salm which could help cover her initial folly. Being a brilliant actor, popular media superstar, Soren Rick was also one of the most good looking men from the film fraternity. All points considered, he was an optimum choice, making Mohana extremely assured of her pick

“And last night after our meeting, you had a meeting with Soren?” Omar checked his fingers turning another silken lock of her golden hair

Her gaze admiring Omar’s features broke at his query. Lowering to her own fingers gripping hard at his tshirt, she realized their proximity. Haphazardly pulling away Mohana slipped her legs from being possessively perched atop his. Wrapped in his jacket she hurriedly shifted moving to the farther end of the luxurious couch increasing the distance between them. She inhaled a conscious breath reminding herself of the fib on dreaming about Soren Rick.

Absentmindedly clutching on to the rich leather wrapped around her shoulders, Mohana nervously wet her lips “Soren yeah he and I.. uhm I will also meet with him when I go back. I need to talk to him. we have things to discuss..I’ll call him!..” picking her surroundings she hastily threw in “..but I’ll call him as soon I land because we had to meet today also. but then this happened. uh uhm the flight. this travel? and he’s not here that’s why I was missing him and I was dreaming about him!”

Convinced at her own delivery of words she tried to reward herself by drawing a breath but nearly choked. Her sincere wish got caught half way through seeing Omar stretch his long denim clad legs. Color on her cheeks deepened.

She fluently denied the reminder of having clung on to him, sitting climbed upon that robust strength. Blaming the luxe leather couch and their airborne travel conditions Mohana determined she must have had unintentionally slipped to the other side of the couch.

“You dream about Soren Rick? That gaffe of a movie guy? Who is hardly even real? Where all his lines are part of a script?!” Omar incredulously asked glaring at her

Mohana frowned at that wayward description about the hep movie star. Everyone liked Soren Rick. He was one of the most suitable candidates to be dreamt about. His recent romantic movie Desperation had turned out to be a mega hit.

Most importantly for Mohana, Soren had been desperate to marry a journalist in his role. In contrast, here she sat besides Omar Shaan who couldn’t have halted from rebutting a mere misunderstanding of their marriage to a random confectionery shop associate. Infuriated at his earlier words ‘we are not married’ Mohana zestfully determined for Soren Rick to be her shield. Dream and otherwise.

Courageously looking up at Omar, Mohana declared “He is real! As real as it gets. All those action scenes in Desperation did not come out of thin air and he does them all by himself, have you ever looked at those abs..”

“And you have? looked at his abs?” Omar intervened, his velvety rich voice holding a terrorizing disdain

|| 07. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

“Of course..” Mohana diligently stuck to her determined defense guard “..he is so breathtakingly handsome and extremely sexy, because he is real. He works hard at his roles, you won’t have such a blockbuster win that convinces the entire nation how he falls for that journalist and marries her”

She was utterly confused at her companion’s apparent skepticism on the abilities of the film star. Keeping the reality of her dreams apart, Soren Rick undoubtedly was a mega star who had landed hit performances through his roles in some of the greatest hits cinema had seen. Mohana was convinced she could justify the man, his looks, his work ethic endlessly. Even readers of her journal Sophista were devoted fans of Soren Rick albeit they were more crazy for Omar Shaan because of his resolute aloofness from the media.

Giving her a stiff smile Omar growled “That’s exactly what a scripted human who is not real does. Because he is made up of a bunch of someone else’s lines and ideas. Desperation is a script!”

“That’s not how it happens! I know him! He and I are close! We are very close! He doesn’t need a script to talk to me! He is the most wonderful person you could ever want to be with!” Mohana fearlessly stood her ground

“I’ll be super glad to pass the offer” Omar smugly stated turning a small pod in his fingers. The blinds from the windows rolled higher as the lights around them brightened

She frowned at his extraction of her words “Not you as in you! I meant you as in..”

“You?” Omar checked boring his into hers. The extremely dark spheres held no sparkle ascertaining his refusal to accept her argument

Mohana nervously blinked gulping on her parched throat. Her conviction fastened. She had to make Soren Rick survive through this scorn. The famous star after all was her shield. Omar Shaan could hardly be informed that he himself was the object of her desirous dreams. There was no way she wanted to let her heart get exposed to further wrath.

She rushed to determine “Ya! Ya! Exactly! He’s the most wonderful sexy and handsome person and everybody loves him. That’s what matters!”

“We’ll set aside sometime to discuss what actually matters. Seemingly only one of us is at a stage to hold an official argument, while the other has yet to become an attorney” Omar gave her a smirk

Mohana opened her mouth then closed it pettishly. She didn’t have a suitable comeback given there was her current semester and next in the way of graduation from law school. Grumpily she huffed “I have a team of exceptional attorneys with Sir Gallaghair”

“None of whom will be ever vouching for the scripted man” Omar declared with a certainty making Mohana frown deeply

Feverishly she fought back “Everyone likes Soren Rick. I’ll talk to my boss what’s to say I won’t be able to convince him”

“Sure, but as an attorney..” Omar sarcastically stressed making Mohana fume at her own missing title “..I can only offer advice. Of course the rest depends on you, but I’d rather you convinced your boss for something where you’ll succeed” he complacently threw in

Pouting her lips she declared “I’ll be an attorney too after my OAs..”

“Next semester” Omar interjected

“Yes! It’s only a few weeks more! Then we can talk attorney to attorney!” Mohana stated circumventing her disappointment

She heard him casually hum “Hmm definitely” a completely opposite reaction to the lava of anxiousness flowing through her. If only Mohana could have it her way, the graduation degree would have been hers right this moment to hold the grand argument.

Huffing in frustration she looked at her surroundings. The now lighted lounge made her become aware of the change from when she had dozed off. Mohana remembered looking at the thunderous clouds before falling asleep to dream about Omar Shaan.

Consciously she glanced outside the windows to look at the ocean miles below them. Realization washed over her: they were seated in the private flight for Sophista. Mohana attempted to do the math around the hours that it must have been from having left the airport where she had accidentally run into the celebrity fashion designer.

She stole a glance sideways to confirm his presence. Her heart dwindled on an off chance hope considering if she had been talking in her dreams to Polo again.

Very much true to his presence, the handsome Omar Shaan sat busy looking at a digital screen in his hand. He was busily scribbling atop the thin surface of the glass. Unable to fathom a logic that could explain his presence she sprang towards him abruptly asking “What are you doing here?”

“Flying” Omar provided turning to look at her with interest

Holding onto his jacket around her, she checked the man unreservedly. Her antsy heart bobbed within her torso. She managed to explain her conundrum “But how are you here! You can’t be here! This is Sir Gallaghair’s plane, my team’s traveling to Honolulu”

Flipping the digital pen within his fingers Omar offered clarity “I happen to be here with my team, it seems we have the same destination and there was no point in flying different planes in that storm”

“Oh. Your team’s flying with my team?” Mohana heaved a breath at the logical rationale. She looked at her palms that had held onto him, letting her heart bounce at the joy of having her dreamy longing fulfilled

“Yeah would you like to meet them? We can have Salm take on with the introductions” Omar checked looking at the woman who had scooted to the end of the white leather couch. The blush on her innocent face flared at his offer.

Huddled in the corner she quickly shook her head “No! No! I mean there’s no need for that” pulling the jacket closer Mohana turned her back towards him seemingly busy in looking outside the windows

She blinked at the newly gathered information. Pouting at all that had transpired she turned to confront him again “But I was sitting with Salm, what if we have to discuss about work?”

“You don’t want Salm to sit with his wife?” Omar checked instead keeping his screen aside

Biting on her lower lip consciously Mohana gave him a nod “Ya. Leya. They should. Ya”

Saying Leya’s name out loud ‘The Bold List’ rushed to her thoughts. Her head awakened to the commitment she had made to herself. Urgently Mohana looked at her jeans. She humphed with dissatisfaction for not wearing a dress that she could have nudged to score a point.

Pulling a dress higher on the legs had seemed like the only point in that entire list which had been the most straightforward to interpret and implement. Puckering her lips at the roll of events she concentrated hard looking at her jeans to revise other valuable points to implement her bold-act.

Taking much effort she put on a wide smile to look at the handsome man besides her. Trying to regain from all of her huff and puff, Mohana offered “Leya and Salm, they make such a romantic couple, don’t you think! They should definitely sit together, it won’t be fun otherwise”

“Definitely, I agree and if Leya decides to take a nap at least she won’t end up missing Soren Rick” Omar offered with derision dripping from voice

Her tummy turned at his words but given the lack of her ‘attorney’ status to enable a counter Mohana let the comment be. Throwing a bright smile she offered instead “Ya. Ya. and it’s such a long journey. So we both can use this lounge, it’s anyways such a big couch! And if we had Soren with us he won’t have objected either, you can like literally fit four or more people on this!”

Glancing besides them on the well proportioned couch Omar checked “What’s the holdup?”

“Hm?” she blankly queried, her eyes looking at him then at the large couch she had mentioned

Looking at her expressionless face Omar provided “Soren? There must be a snag for Soren to not be here?”

“Oh! ah yes. Movies and everything. You know the drill” possessively tugging the jacket to surround her Mohana gulped at the unawareness of not knowing the whereabouts of the movie star

“Sure..” Omar checked “..and you’ve sat on this thing with four or more people?”

“No. No. I don’t travel often. This is rare because Tyr suggested it might be worthwhile to get a tour of Sarrata and he would be there in person so it seemed to work out for the deep dive” Mohana explained her facade slipping away

Giving her smile Omar checked “You don’t like traveling with the sexy, handsome and most wonderful friend on his scripted movie shoots?”

|| 07. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

“That. ya. uhm. sometimes. yes. so we plan and then uh but I don’t travel often with the Sophita team. so this is rare. very rare. But personally yeah we do back and forth and everything..” Mohana rambled along “..I’ll have to work. Don’t mind me. I have an opinion piece that needs review and I slept for..” her cheeks burned realizing how she had refused to awaken from being on the other side of the couch on a certain someone “..uhm ya. So I’ll work”

Mohana searched for the digital screen besides her on the seat. Unable to locate the device she consciously hopped off the couch to situate it. Nervously tugging at the sleeves of the large jacket she halted. The realization that she had been wearing his jacket all along made her hastily slip out of his belonging.

Obediently she held it towards him “I didn’t mean..” then in another thought Mohana pulled the exceptionally warm jacket back. Instinctively hugging onto the plush leather she declared “Uhm.. no.. I. this is used? So I will get this dry cleaned”

“You want me to stay without my jacket until then?” Omar asked in an attempt to follow her thought process, off handedly keeping his screen aside

Guilt washed over her “Noh! I..” hopping on the couch she earnestly offered “..I’ll get you another one as soon as we land”

“Because you’re planning to keep this?” Omar checked glancing at the jacket she held to her chest

Mohana tried to find a middle ground “That’s not. no I thought..”

“Then if you don’t want this I’ll take it back” saying Omar slipped the jacket from her slim fingers leaving it to casually rest besides him and the couch arm

Turning empty fingers within each other she sourly stared outside the window. While her conscious nagged her on the wrongdoing of embezzling his jacket, she missed it’s warmth. She humphed regretting her decision to willingly give up on the article of clothing that now sat idle at the farthest distance. Her dashing celebrity companion had left no chance for her to even accidentally come across it.

“Omar sir..” hearing a woman’s voice Mohana turned to look at the stewardess that had entered their lounge brightly smiling at Omar

Brushing off imaginary dust from the couch Mohana stole a glance at the woman grandly flaunting herself for the designer celebrity’s attention. Wearing a skirt that was shorter than a mini, the woman seemed to laugh at every word that slipped out of his magnificent lips.

Growling inwardly, Mohana looked away from their exchange. Missing her own dress to inch it higher and feel bold too, she helplessly crossed her jean clad legs. Until she could have Ethan find her digital screen Mohana attempted to remember other bullet points from ‘The Bold List

Leaning across the couch Omar wrapped an arm around Mohana’s waist taking her by surprise. Tugging her closer, he whispered “Crunchy potatoes with the chicken sandwich or waffle fries?”

“Am not hungry” she formed a mere mumble with her lashes shyly lowering at their proximity

“Yeah we know. Asking for me” his husky response made her hastily mumble “Waffle fries, extra crispy”

Her betraying eyes fluttered to look up at him but instead she caught a glimpse of the stewardess leaning sideways, nearly getting imbalanced to check on them. Bella. That name from his lips echoed within her. A frown appeared on Mohana’s forehead reading the embroidered name on her blouse: Dibella

Easing her frown with a light stroke of his thumb Omar pulled Mohana across the couch with him. The stewardess staggered to straighten hastily, giving him a broad smile.

Wrapped in his embrace Mohana looked at the woman then at Omar. Seeing him reciprocate Dibella’s smile, her heart turned. Throwing her head back she looked out the window, hearing him repeat the selection of waffle fries in his velvety rich voice and adding “ kefir and raspberries”

“Neat. Get you a gin and tonic while you wait on that?” Dibella asked halting and stressing at each word making Mohana pucker her lips in further annoyance

Forcing a smile Mohana turned around to intervene the woman’s attempts at pleasing the handsome celebrity “And while he decides that, would it be too much for you to ask Ethan to bring me a cappuccino?”

Mohana growled at the thought of having met Peggy just yesterday and now Dibella! She furiously determined Omar Shaan could do whatever he wished with his drink choice and stewardess choice but she wanted her steward Ethan.

“Y..” the stewardess started to say when interjecting her, Omar ordered “We’ll pass on the caffeine”

Turning to Mohana, Omar blocked Dibella from her view. Tenderly tracing a golden lock framing her innocent face he whispered “You need rest, coffee will have to wait”

Nervous at his closeness Mohana barely managed a “Hm”

“Care for something else?” he gently checked

Mohana mumbled a negation “Mmhm” afraid any words she formed would touch his attractive lips. The thought of his lips made her avert her lashes nervously biting on her own lower lip.

Lightly caressing the tapered end of her eyebrow Omar took his time admiring the beautiful woman in his embrace who refused to raise her lowered eyes. Looking back at the stewardess he confirmed “That’ll be it for now”

“Yes Omar Sir, I’ll send your drink if you feel for it” sending another smile his way, the woman exited from their lounge

Unnerved Mohana breathlessly sprang from the couch. Increasing the distance between them she turned towards the window but spoke aloud to the only other occupant in the lounge “Did you see my Ethan when you..uhm got here?”

“Likely” Omar offhandedly offered, his eyes traveling the length of her petite frame that seemed agitated

Giving him a nod she turned to step towards the slim doors of their lounge when his hand caught her wrist “Want something?”

“Ya uh Ethan? my Ethan? I want to talk to him” Mohana mumbled turning her wrist to free from his grip

“Ethan is not here” Omar stated, pulling her to recede back towards the couch

Bewildered Mohana looked outside at their elevation blurting “Where could he have gone?”

Catching on her wild imagination Omar lightly chuckled “I refrain from throwing people off the plane. Until now. He is serving the team at the very end of the airplane. If you need anything we can ask Bella”

Feeling left out from the ongoing partnership he had with his stewardess Mohana stressed “Dibella. That’s her name. It says on her badge. But Ethan is mine.. he uh he knows my bag? my digi? I don’t want to talk to Dibella. I want him. Madam Gallaghair requested him to be with me”

Smoothly tugging her, Omar had Mohana land besides him on the couch “And I will take this matter directly with your Madam Gallaghair because Dibella will be serving our lounge”

“You can have her. But I need my Ethan. He is with my team. I hardly think there is any reason to move Sophista folks around no matter whatever other changes the storm has brought upon us” she emphatically held her ground

Omar checked “What do you want from that man?”

“My digi” Mohana mumbled

“I have it and how about I’ll give it to you if you have lunch with me” pulling the screen from a pocket besides his seat, Omar merely held it for her inspection before raising his arm out of her reach and slipping the device back into the crevice

“What if am not hungry?” she pouted, staring at her disappearing device

“What if I am?” he countered

“But I didn’t even order with your.. that.. whatever Dibella” she stated factually

“We’ll share..” wrapping his arm around her waist Omar turned Mohana towards the window “..I’ll manage with less food if you’re nice to me. Do you see that? Right where the Giant Geewan Gorge meets Mount Valma”

Her shy fingers rested on his forearm as she peered down to capture the natural formations of the narrow steep walled canyon with the tall snowy peaks of the range complimenting it. His words ‘if you’re nice to me’ sent waves of guilt through her.

Embraced in the warmth of his arms Mohana felt sad for the cards he had been dealt with. Tolerating her in the shared space when he couldn’t even stand being associated with her that too in front of a confectionery stranger, could not be easy.

The storm hadn’t been fair to either of them but all she had done was to keep encroaching his space. From hogging his jacket, to sleeping on his side of the couch and now planning to share his meal. She considered his misery to be far greater.

Glancing at the snow capped mountains she hesitantly whispered “I didn’t mean to..uhm your jacket. I didn’t realize because I was thinking about.. all of that.. I will get you another one as soon as we land”

|| 07. PAIZE 4 ♥ ||

“All of what?” Omar whispered his husky voice making goosebumps appear on her nape

“Uhm..” Mohana briefly closed her eyes “..uh Soren? Soren Rick! I was thinking about him.. and then..uh..I.. thought it’s his jacket but I realized it was just my dream”

“Because he shares his jacket with you?” his steel chest growled with those words, making a thunderous vibration run through her flushed back

“I.. uh he has a neat collection, very neat collection. I am hungry! How long does it even take to get lunch? If my Ethan was here we would have already had it” she attempted to ease from his hold

“Which is exactly why he is not here or we would have missed this..” his rich voice confirmed “..that peak on the west is the one that’s the widest” not relenting his grip, Omar pointed towards the mountain

The spread of lunch seemed more inclined towards a feast than a meal serving for a single person. The only exception being that it came with a single cutlery setting. Shyly accepting the bowl of raspberries from Omar, Mohana wondered if she should request another set of silverware. The thought of talking to Dibella sporting that small a skirt made her let out a disgruntled humph.

“We don’t feel like having raspberries?” Omar checked at the expression of her dissatisfaction

Shaking her head fervently Mohana partially clarified “No. uhm. not that. raspberries are great” picking on a berry she nearly swallowed it to prove her point. The idea of requesting another fork got dismissed entirely on the disquiet of having to face Dibella. Holding her bowl of the juicy fruit she turned sideways to admire the view from the window.

Through the variety of offerings of sandwiches, fries and selection of finger foods that Omar offered, she efficiently managed eating them all without the need of any silverware. Only when she heard his husky voice say “Shahe fen?” Mohana halted from accepting the deep oval dish filled with speciality pasta.

The noodles entwined with julienned vegetables lured her tummy. She curled her fingers around her drink doubtfully then puckering her lips she mumbled “Silverware? I’ll message my Ethan for a fork?”

“Here” he offered her the untouched fork from their luxurious food setting

Shyly taking hold of the golden flatware Mohana twirled it in the noodles. Her lowered eyes admired his muscular arm loosing focus on the dish in her hands. Vaguely turning the fork she traced eyes over the length of his taut forearm following a vein traveling to his wrist. She saw his hand appear closer all the way until it slipped the fork from her.

Breaking from her oblivion she offered an explanation “Uhm it’s hot”, “You don’t like hot?” wrapping the noodles around the tines of the fork he lightly blew over the bite

She gulped at the hot man besides her considering how her not liking ‘hot’ could even be a possibility “I..I uh the food? not hot hot, but hot”, “This?” Omar checked holding the fork to her lips

Lowering her lashes to divert them from his sparkling eyes Mohana nearly swallowed the bite he offered. Taken completely off guard by his gesture she assured the him on the heat level with a “Hm”

“Hm” exchanging an acknowledgement Omar took a bite himself from the same fork

“We ..this uh we can’t.. fork?” she hastily informed reporting her objection to their sharing the silverware again. Memories of her being captivated at their breakfast in the resort from a day ago made her nervously look at the lone knife on the table

“We can ask Dibella for another setting” cooling another bite Omar extended it to her lips

Her cheeks blushed a deep shade at their exchange, quickly eating the forkful, she looked outside declaring “Noh! I don’t want more”

“I thought you were going to be nice to me for our lunch” taking another bite himself, Omar prepared one for her again. Those words rekindled the guilt she had felt. Ignoring her heaving chest from being overtly aware of his proximity Mohana gave in. Curled in her spot she turned lightly to take the bite from the fork he held.

After the noodle dish, Mohana took to eating a burrito holding it with her own hands but every once in between a forkful of rice and beans made through her lips. Between bites she stole admiring glances of her handsome companion. Her relentless eyes couldn’t seem to get enough of his attractive hand that held the fork. Traveling his muscular forearm she admired his sculpted muscles and dreamily stared at the torso hidden behind the white tshirt.

When the staff came to clear their lunch table, much to her heart ache Dibella also appeared with them “Omar Sir, can I get you anything else?”

Inwardly grumbling at yet another ‘anything’ Mohana tried to look outside the window wanting to block their conversation but his husky voice kept luring her heart’s attention. She heard his voice smoothly roll “We should be good, I’ll message if there’s a need”, “Most definitely. Anything you want” spacing out each word with many broad smiles Dibella left their lounge

True to his word, Omar offered the digital screen to Mohana “All yours”

“Oh. Ya. I have to review my article” having been completely mesmerized by his company Mohana hid her surprise at Omar remembering his promise for she had definitely forgotten anything existed beyond him

Switching to review the opinion piece she debated with her heart and eyes to ensure her focus remained on the digital screen than being carried away to the attractive celebrity ruling the space around her. Gathering much self control she diligently read the words. Few paragraphs and corrections later she stifled a yawn.

Shifting in her spot, she turned around to place the tablet on the arm rest, forcing her eyes to parse the document highlighting some more edits. In time her heavy lids started to make the words blur together. Taking into account that she had eaten for her entire life and needed a refreshment Mohana glanced around for the small connector device.

“Need something?” Omar looked up from his own digital screen

Searching the cavity besides her arm rest for the small pod to message her steward Mohana tiredly informed “I my Ethan?”

“Hopefully he’s taking a nap. Maybe you want to as well?” Omar offered casually reclining to rest an ankle on his other knee

Her cheeks deepened with color being reminded of having woken up earlier on the other side of the couch “Noh. I am not sleepy”

“Sure” mumbling an acknowledgement Omar looked back at the device ahead of him, his fingers busily tapping away

Refusing to pay heed to the shiver run through her, she forced her heavy lids to stare at the screen. Flying above the puffy clouds made her miss the blanketing warmth of his jacket. Running a nervous hand through her silver toned golden tresses Mohana leaned back to look at his belonging resting at the opposite end on the couch. She tried to think of her bed and Polo in lieu, wanting to divert her heart.

In sometime, trying to read another paragraph her fingers slipped from the device as her sleepy eyes swooped close. Rescuing the digital gadget from her lap Omar dropped it in the leather pocket besides him. Murmuring “Come here” he tenderly wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her petite frame across the couch

Her eyes flew open at his warming touch. Encircled within his strength she breathlessly managed a confusion filled “Hm?”

“Rest. You’re really cold” he gently smoothed her golden head tugging her closer

Her face paled at the mention of those words. Sleepily pulling out of his embrace with as much courage as she could collect Mohana gave him a wry smile “I am cold! I am a cold person!..” not finding her screen she furiously launched at him “..I need to work. I can’t afford wasting entire days sitting around, flying through these random places and eating lavish lunches! I need my device! You can’t prank me every time by hiding my screen or I’ll have to call my Ethan!”

Halting her withdrawal in a fluid move Omar had her soft frame flushed against his powerful torso

“And what do you propose he’s going to do?” the undertones of his voice held a challenge but his gentle strokes along her temple made her consciously shift against him.

She opened her mouth then closed it. Gulping nervously she tried to factually inform of Ethan’s responsibilities as had been determined by her boss Inaya Gallaghair “He is mine..”

“He is not. Another time I hear you say that, I will make sure to throw him out of this plane” the growl came accompanied with contradictory gentle soothing caresses on her golden head

|| 07. PAIZE 5 ♥ ||

Getting lulled to flop onto his tempting warmth Mohana fought the urge of her heart and sleepy eyes to stand against the unfairness. It immensely irritated her to see him talk to his own stewardess while getting denied her steward Ethan “You can’t! You can’t just do that, he is m..” unable to say ‘mine’ her words came to a halt looking at the challenge in his eyes

“I anyways will” Omar smugly concluded

“No you can’t!..” Mohana frantically moved within the cage of his arms arguing “..I want him..” her declaration trailed off feeling his thumb on her lips

“Not another word and none about that one man” gently outlining her lower lip Omar overruled her resistance pulling her to rest on his chest, coarsely coaxing “Close your eyes. You need rest”

His touch on her lips further frenzied the butterflies in her tummy. Promising them a respite seemed nearly impossible when her heart lured to soak the warmth of his embrace. The coziness of his proximity seeped through, ridding her of the chills yet Mohana consciously waited for her lips to be freed. She wanted to fight back, she wanted to declare the need for her own steward when he had his stewardess, but his thumb refused to budge from her pink lips.

Lightly caressing her lower lip, his touch feathered her cupids bow, then smoothing the corner of her mouth in time it traversed whisper touches across her jaw routing to her cheek bone. Refuting the chaotic butterflies, her deceiving heart willfully embraced his enchanting touch. Attempting to interpret the pattern of his moves, her eyes drooped into slumber.

Through the long journey with fueling interrupts, refreshment breaks and her attempts to work on the journal, Mohana each time deliriously woke up from Omar’s embrace. She spoke more to him asleep than when she scurried to her couch corner awake. The colors of the sky changed with passing timezones but her shivers remained persistent, except when she was bound within his strong arms.

Being cocooned against his chest gave Mohana much more than what her jittery trembles needed. Relieving her chills his unbound warmth spread further. By the time the aircraft landed at their destination, her cheeks were painted red. Covered in his leather jacket she sleepily refused to let go of his protective envelop. Only when she heard Omar murmur a specific name again her eyes sprang open “..Bella has the paperwork, I’ll message her”

Pulling back from his chest she croaked the correction “Dibella”. Barely acknowledging the shiver running through her, Mohana pushed her sleepy arms one by one through his supple leather jacket

Gently moving the silken hair from her face Omar gave her a smile “Here I’ve been thinking maybe with some appreciation, I’d be the first name on your mind”

“Appreciation? For bringing this Dibella?” she countered upset. Still reeling from her sweet sleep, the stewardess was the last thing Mohana wanted to hear about let alone discuss with the distinguished celebrity

All she wanted was to be embraced in his.. her cheeks flared further making her halt from completing her thoughts. She nervously looked at his muscular torso, the strong arms and pristine chest that had been the source of her luring warmth until a few moments ago

“I wouldn’t mind the credit for that..” Omar twirled a lock of her hair, from atop the dark black leather “..I did have some say in hiring Dibella but I was thinking more along the lines of appreciating any nice dreams owing to the jacket I designed”

Settled on his lap with complete abandon, Mohana deeply frowned. Any ounce of sleep that might have existed seemed to get wrenched out of her “You! Hired her?!”

“And as I was saying I also designed the jacket” Omar smiled, lightly motioning towards the black leather that she sat snuggled into

The short skirt clad wanton stewardess relentlessly ran through her head. Halting to reflect at his words: ‘dreams owing to the jacket I designed’ Mohana declared “Soren! I was dreaming about Soren. I only dream about him. And this jacket. Because he has this and all of the other jackets. In all the colors. And they are very warm”

“What color would you say you like the most?” Omar checked, his fingers engrossed in playing with the ends of her silky golden tresses

Mohana attempted to remember any reference pictures of the movie star Soren Rick but all her eyes could see were handsome features of the man right ahead of her. Looking superiorly sexy.

Inhaling a ragged breath she consciously reminded herself of her shield Soren Rick. Unwilling yet certain she pulled out of his embrace. Shifting off the barrier of his muscular leg she scrambled to her couch corner. Hugging her legs to her chest she determinedly stated “All! All colors are good. He looks great in all of them”

“Because he is so handsome and so hot?” his powerful voice sent a shiver run through her. Mohana looked up to see him casually lounging besides her except his black eyes appeared completely dark

Pulling his jacket closer, she adamantly started to confirm “Ya! Very handsome and very hot and..” but stopped at the knock

“And?” Omar asked dismissing the interruption at their private lounge

“And uhm sexy? He is sexy, everyone thinks he is sexy” she offered factually, resolutely aiming to pull all the Sophista numbers to back her confirmation

Leaning across the couch Omar stiffly stated “Definitely not everyone..” then lightly setting her golden locks on the jacket she wore, he whispered “..I’ll let her come in?”

She merely managed a “Hm” at his closeness. Expecting the stewardess, Mohana threw her head back on the couch feigning interest to look at the large switched off screen on their lounge wall

At Omar’s approval the door opened to welcome the very woman narrating an entire run down of updates “Omar Sir, the entry information..”

Much to her relief Dibella’s words got blurred when her personal assistant, Jojo, showed up at the lounge. Ecstatic at finally finding the door unlocked, Jojo walked straight through without a heed to the stewardess.

Rushing to Mohana, Jojo enquired about her well being. Determined to ensure her boss was feeling better after having rested, Jojo ran a checklist to confirm her food offerings and sleeping breaks. Following that she rattled important work updates in quick whispers, being extremely aware of Dibella. Once the crew received information to exit, holding Mohana’s hand Jojo accompanied her outside.

“Miss Mohana I missed you so much! I don’t think I am ever going to like this kind of flying. Can you imagine Indigo of all things decided to sit in my lounge! It was horrible! I don’t think I am ever talking to that person ever again!” Jojo claimed with complete certainty

Cocooned in the leather jacket of the celebrity she had left behind with Dibella, Mohana confirmed “Ya, this whole sharing executive rooms and flights are the most messy”

Waiting anxiously at the plane exit Ethan finally got reunited with Mohana. Effectively taking charge he ensured a smooth process through her airport exit and travel all the way to checking her in at the hotel suite. Guiding her from the hallways, to her room door Ethan offered “Miss Mohana, hope you enjoy your stay here. I will be at your service anytime you desire”

“Appreciate it, why don’t you rest some too, this trip must not have been easy” Mohana offered with a kind smile

Ethan ran a hand through his already messed up hair “You are an angel just like Madam Gallaghair says. Don’t worry about me Miss Mohana, you must unwind for the day and rest some, ensuring your comfort is my priority”

“She can’t be comfortable..” both their eyes shot to the beholder of that voice “..standing at the door talking to you. If comfort was a priority you should have left two and a half minutes ago”

Leaning against the wall besides her door, his thumb lightly tucked in the jeans pocket the tall brooding form of Omar Shaan stared at them. The figure ahead of Mohana had completely lost all color, accepting the magnificent presence besides them

Speedily falling back a few steps to increase his distance from Mohana, Ethan stuttered an acknowledgement “Y..yes, Omar Sir”

“It’s alright, I caught up on a lot of rest en-route. You’ve been wonderful Ethan! I really appreciate all that you do” Mohana assured her steward

“Yes, Miss Mohana I am grateful to be of service to you..” rushing through the words giving her a light bow the young man managed a terror-stricken glance at Omar “Sir, Ma’am warm wishes for the night” managing his exit he scuttled away through the hallway

Left alone in the company of a certain handsome man, Mohana consciously spun around to admire the door to her room. Unlocking it with a press of her finger on the knob, she hastily disappeared behind it.

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