He can’t wait to whisk her awaybut will she belong with him forever?

Her family business engagements and partnerships have exposed Isha to all those whom she holds dear. Her adoration for reading books, designing dresses with flair and the desire of becoming an attorney, all seem to be in sync except for one small wrinkle in the plan: an unexplainable botheration caused by the owner of the most dazzling eyes.

Will Isha interpret the feelings that entwine her with this ruthless man or will the lure of power snub the yearnings of her heart?

Attracted by his charisma and superiority, women flock around the phenomenally handsome Kairav. The only deviation to this pattern is caused by one enchanting breathless beauty on whom his own heart is set. Being a relentless winner, Kairav wants to secure what he believes is his, and is adamant to twist the rules of power to his advantage.

Will Kairav carve a want in the heart of his captivating woman or will the play of power get him embroiled on a path altogether different?


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