Chapter 26 – Dysfunctional

|| 26. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

Picking the faint movement of the sliding doors roll, padded footsteps in the hallway, gradual easing of the main door which let slip a whiff of cool breeze inside, Mohana had ample confirmation to realize she was left all alone in the lodge.

Frantically smoothing the large jewel on her ring finger, she swallowed a sob, yearning desperately to look into the black shimmering eyes of her dream man who despite all her determined efforts had left for another woman.

Gripping her arms harder, from behind the glass wall she gazed at the blanket of stars, her heart anxiously flipping to feel his lips, soak the gentle caresses of his touch, listen to his voice, get slammed against his strength, when random bits of words barged in a jumble: ..they bother me a lot!.., ..I don’t want you to leave me.., ..I have to see you, talk to you, touch you, a lot!.., ..unfair! we are both attorneys, it was so hot..

Far in the distance looking through the night sky, a bonfire at the beach caught her attention, when an unclear recollection of being in his embrace relishing the protection of his strength, his deep voice reverberated: are yet to graduate.., ..I’ll solve it.., ..we can’t do this ever again.., ..I am here.., ..if you don’t want me to kiss you right now, you will close your eyes..

Humphing to herself in the dark grand room Mohana pouted “Am I the one refusing his. those. whatever. and closing my eyes! No wonder he thinks I am bad at negotiation, if he ever heard all my dreams, his playboy ego would be so outraged because who in their right mind would refuse to do all of that with him? Certainly not the woman he’s with right now” ignoring the shudder she furiously straightened from the rug, tucking hair behind the ears

Ironing her gown absentmindedly with shaky fingers, completely convinced her dreams had fabricated the bits of recollection surfacing from her yinar phase, Mohana briskly made way through the main door stepping out on the opulently styled paved patio “If he thinks I am going to sit in this fancy lodge all by myself and wait for him to bring one woman after another to that bedroom, which was to begin with mine, he is going to be so wrong, so very wrong for once in this life”

Her feet halted by the flower decked swing-bed breezily swaying under the starry sky along the picturesque background of the crashing waves. Grabbing his black suit jacket from atop the pink camellia buds, Mohana hugged the blazer to her chest. Moodily cocooning herself in the luxurious article, she breathed a sigh of quivery relief for far more than being warm it emanated his delish fragrance which soothed her heart.

“Even if I have five levels to ace the entire bold act, I at least know the core steps..” determinedly declaring she steered herself towards the parked aircraft, rehearsing points from her bold list, referencing to the actress from the super hit movie “..exactly what Ginny does in Desperation”

Feeling the delicate petals under her bare feet, she hastily tip toed on the blanket of flowers. Conscious of having been carried from the plush pathway the first time around, she tightened the jacket around her shyly diverting herself “..ignore unnecessary caution and head straight for the win because who doesn’t want all those sexy scenes, romantic wedding and tons of babies with Sor..”

“Don’t” on the gruff warning Mohana was spun around to crash against the storm that was Omar Shaan

Taken aback by his presence, her eyes glanced into the dark black spheres which void of any sparkle were raging daggers at her. Nervous of their proximity Mohana uncertainly leaned away, when she got smashed into him again “Where do you think you are going?”

She opened her mouth to blurt out the explanation of her mission: tackle the messaging system of the avion to issue a signal to have him return from wherever he had so willfully gone. But the turn of events had her lash out instead “You are someone to ask. when you were sleepy only a while ago. did I ask where you are going? of course not. because I don’t care..”

“Where?” on a low growl, his arm slipped under her legs to scoop Mohana when she haphazardly pushed on his chest, increasing the distance between them

Waving her hand in the air she tried narrating her dilemma on her near addiction of being carried in his arms, and the limitation of her fluffy Polo unable to offer the same luxury “We can’t do this. because. I am fine now and I will decide to however and wherever transport myself. because I can have certain needs. like right now. and anyways overall our destinations are different and my Po..”

His thumb landed on her parted lips, tipping her chin for their gaze to lock. Affixed in his hold not daring to breathe she gazed into his solid onyx eyes “I don’t want to hear any other name on these lips mo shíorghrá, no one else is yours. Your needs will start and end here because as it happens you and I are celebrating our engagement and the sooner you get that through this beautiful head of yours, the better”

On a caressing swipe his touch receded from her plump lips letting Mohana gulp a hurried breath “But we can’t..” when her world turned upside down

“We can” his growl made her heart race faster. Thrown on his shoulder, arms bound behind her back, golden tresses swaying in the wind, her path to the avion increased with each long stride Omar took in the opposite direction

Despite her butterflies being blissfully relieved getting stuck to his immaculateness her heart writhed to think of whoever had been in his arms since he had left the lodge, Mohana emphasized “I am not going to allow..”

“I am allowing myself on your behalf ” she incredulously frowned, seeing them cross the threshold of the main door

Fidgeting on his shoulder, she attempted to turn her hands free but his hold further firmed “You can’t, because when I say we can’t do this whole transportation thing, you can’t just flip me, we are going to include this also, any and all versions where am not walking on my feet..”

Traversing through the hallways hanging on his shoulder, moving past the sliding door she anxiously kicked her legs in the air when his clasp fastened around her ankles “ have to listen to me! This is the wrong direction, I have to go, the avion is on the other side..”

She writhed on his shoulder as each stair rushed through her vision “..I am not going to that room. because it was originally my room, Jasper wanted me to recover but you took it and now. now I don’t want to see anything..”

“You will stay right here” he growled before she was swung around to land on the feathery swing-bed

Blonde hair falling around her face like streams of glitter, cheeks blushing profusely, chest heaving bashful of his touch and despite the tsunami of emotions, her butterflies cribbed in complaint for their journey to have come to a halt.

Rolling her eyes, exasperated by her own wild wants, Mohana glanced around the bedroom but the space appeared intact just as she had left after their tshirt meeting. The only exception was the large retracted fireplace beyond the overlook railing and the tall pillar of strength pacing ahead, running fingers through his already tousled hair

Tightening his blazer around her, she shyly tugged the neckline of her gown higher, fingers skimming the swell of her breasts where his lips on the swing had halted. Her frantic heart swooned at his each move, eyes soaking the magnificence that always left her spellbound, butterflies wildly craving his touch wanting to get thrown on his shoulder, smashed to his chest, kissed until breathless, only if they could be heard

Considering the room was in apt condition, the likelihood of him inviting another woman to the lower level, utilizing their spot from the dinner, had her drearily checked “Are you taking the couch? downstairs?”

“C’mon” scooping her in his arms this time, Omar stepped them through the room

Agitated by his response or lack thereof she clasped onto his tshirt “I was only asking. I am not taking the couch. because I. I had dinner by this fireplace and it’s mine and you retracted it all the way up here so this bedroom is mine..” her words halted upon entering the washroom

Settling her on the counter Omar enquired “Amongst the fireplace and bedroom shouldn’t there be something else that you should be claiming as yours?”

Puckering her lips pettishly she turned her fist, reluctant to let go off the tshirt, lest the man who wore it decided to leave her again “No. that’s all. oh and that pink throw because it resembles mine and it will be warm and snuggly. unless you.. you gave it to someone else”

“Didn’t. But I’ll take this back then” he gestured towards the blazer she wore as her cocooning shield

“You gave it to me on the swing..” scowling at him, she pulled her hand away from his tshirt matter of factly informing “ this will be automatically mine, what part of the whole thing. this. this vacation. is not clear to you? You are.. and I am.. whatever. but in Immense Force my Sor..”

“That jerk is nothing yours..” his growl made her frown, for the movie scene was apt for their jacket exchange when his words interrupted “..I’ll get back..”

Fuming at his suggestion but certain of her core bold list principles, she interjected on a broad smile “No, you will not move from here. And you cannot go anywhere because you are sleepy. I am sleepy. How am I going to sleep if you can’t stop playing these games, slipping in and out whenever you want, throwing me on the bed, counters and everything in sight, forcing me..”

“Sleepy. we are sleepy..” running a hand over his eyes, Omar dragged his fingers through the hair “..and we would rather sleep. I won’t move. but you will need to hurry up”

“Ok. Ya” pleased at her victory ..bold women believe in their capabilities to secure whatever their heart desires.. Mohana puckered her lips seeing him so close “But I have to get down from..” before she could even formulate the thought her feet touched the floor

Ignoring the swarm of her butterflies, Mohana agitatedly looked at the marble counter as his words swirled within ..keep all locations and surfaces in mind.. she frowned glaring at him “I can’t hurry up, after all that you’ve done to me and my thoughts. I need a shower”

Flexing his fingers, Omar folded his arms across his chest, each muscular ripple peeking from under his tshirt making her heart beat louder “Sure. your highness. My eyes are closed”

Seeing him unmoved, the gravity of her request finally seeped, making her blushing face burn further with shyness will not move from here..

|| 26. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

The risk of having him leave, versus using the washroom with his magnificent presence, both seemed to be near impossible choices. Part of her chickened out from undressing ahead the man of her dreams while the other threatened an image of him carrying another woman, throwing her on the bed and traversing.. forcing her thoughts to halt, Mohana clenched the gown.

Dismissing the surge of nervousness, she determined her fiancé belonged with her, only her, for tonight was the night of her engagement. Increasing the distance between them, she bravely reached to undo the zip of her gown, heart throbbing wildly at the base of her throat when glancing at his closed eyes, she tentatively tested “What color am I wearing?”

“Pink” Omar coarsely murmured, resting against the counter, his hands on the marble top besides, eyes lowered, legs crossed at the ankles

Mohana deeply frowned, stepping nearer to inspect his swooped down eyes “Then how are your eyes closed?”

Instantly wrapping an arm around her waist Omar smashed her to himself, surprising Mohana to shriek “Aww”

“Because I know what you wore tonight..” his tone laden with sarcasm made her bite onto her lower lip at the nervous error “..but I’m tempted to rip this gown with open eyes, if you don’t get in the shower in the next hundred seconds” easing his hold, Omar rolled the zip from under her arm freeing the fitted fabric

Clutching on to the gown, she hastily increased distance between them “Just because it’s not a designer label, you can’t. you can’t tear it apart. because I like my gown! and I was only.. am not used to taking showers like this. this. uh. like here in this lodge. but. I have taken a lot of showers with my list of references, and I am going take another one right after I use the water closet which will take me only twenty three seconds”

“Out of the eighty seven remaining” looking away from the mirrors, clutching on to her gown, she ran to the powder room, counting through his timed warning

Trusting of his word yet jittery for altogether different reasons than her cold phase, unable to steer her glance from the handsome man in the washroom, Mohana removed one article of clothing after another, wrapping her lace securely in the folded gown to bravely step behind the wall of glass. The lack of hair twists had her look around in search but the count of her increasing milliseconds made her hastily spun the silver blonde hair in a messy top knot.

Much to her anxiousness she next fumbled with the shower display screen, unable to figure out how to switch the spray of water. After much restraint she glanced in his direction merely croaking “Turn on?”

A heavy pause lay in the air before the deep notes of his voice made her a yearning mess, aching for their distance to disappear “Press the blue indent twice, roll it once and it’ll find the right temperature” with that the gush of warm water streamed all through the many nozzles glistening her ivory skin, soaking her wild thoughts wet

Mohana unabashedly gazed at the man of her dreams from behind the wall of misty steam. A turmoil, an unknown craving, wanting his touch instead of every drop of water on her body had her touch her lips. Reliving the sensations of his mouth atop hers, she needily let her eyes rove through the enigma that was Omar Shaan.

Her fingers touched the chiseled jawline gliding to her neck, breathlessly tracing the collar bones, slipping lower only to halt at the curve of her breasts where his lips had ceased their trek. Heart throbbing so loud the only words which echoed within were a recollection in his husky voice ..kiss. everywhere..

Smearing the tiny droplets on the glass panel almost as if traversing through a memory, the ache in her deepening, wanting a fulfillment of being in the arms of the man who had his eyes closed, Mohana drew his name Omar, then scribbled hers Mohana just underneath

Getting wrapped in the large bath sheet, the ultimate question Mohana had was for her belongings “Do you know. if my clothes? are somewhere? that Jojo might have sent?”

“Your robe is right there, the bags are in the closet” saying he straightened from the counter, his long strides along the marble floors approached the shower “Open now?”

..Open now? To see you?.. her eyes shyly lowered, remembering words he had spoken at their pool shower, words that had felt like they belonged to her somehow, somewhere, from a dream, awaiting with desperation to see him. Shyly slipping on to the pink silken robe, instinctively clenching one leg ahead the other, she craved for nothing more in this moment than to gaze into his black shimmery eyes “Yah”

On that agreement her hair top knot got eased for blonde waves to sway their glitter as she was swung in his arms, carried through the washroom to land ahead a collection of large boxes and travel bags in the walk-in-closet. The room much to her surprise seemed to give the massive closet at his penthouse a good match, keeping company to the luggage items, was also the large warehouse box of tshirts which had been parked at the complete end.

She stole a glance at her dream man, his back towards her, casually standing against the dresser cabinets. His husky voice making her gulp ..kiss. everywhere.. when she heard him “Let me know when you’re done”

“Yah. I’ll. be quick” unlocking the bag labelled Nightwear in Jojo’s handwriting, Mohana stared at the endless selection of lacey lingerie, wishing just as soon to withdraw her claim on ever being quick with anything anymore

Agitatedly setting the lapels of her robe, she flipped from a pink dress to a black, to a golden, helplessly twirling a red one but they all appeared in one form or another exceptionally dreamy, delicate, elegant and beyond sexy. Upsetting the meticulous packing she imagined her assistant might have spent hours upon, Mohana ruffled through the clothes in need of something, anything that would keep her remotely warm, lest she got thrown out of the bedroom to live through the night without the fireplace

From layers upon layers of selection, Mohana finally landed on a light blue night dress, albeit with shoulder tie ins it was designed from a thicker fabric and convinced she could stake her claim on the rescued blazer from the swing as a cover up, she fished a matching pair of panties and bra. Stepping aside from the mirrors which abundantly showed her reflection along that of the designer celebrity who was covered in far more fabric than her, she wore on her lacey bits before slipping on the dress, hastily tying another round of bows

Setting back clothes in the bag, she ascertained “You can open your.. am ready”

“You didn’t ask me to close my eyes” turning around to approach her, paying no heed to the many colors of lace spilling from the large bag, Omar scooped Mohana in his arms

Gulping at the feel of his touch under her thighs, heart bouncing rapidly inside, his claim made her further more nervous “But. you. you did?”

“You would have likely owed me one for that” she wriggled in his arms shifting closer to the rigid strength, clasping his tshirt in her fist, breathlessly hiding her face on his chest

Closing her eyes, soaking his warmth, her demand came muffled from against him “You did. Say yes”

“You left me even after saying yes” his words seared through her, drowning her heart in immense struggle, a strong surge to stop his suffering had her immediately pull away

Her eyes needily shot to his black spheres which refused to show any speck of her favorite luster, her breathing frantic, wanting to override all his agony, Mohana rushed to clarify “You don’t think I can fly an avion..”

“So you decided to prove that, by flying away on the night of our engagement” sitting with her on swing-bed, keeping her captive on his lap, he stroked her temple, the tenderness of his touch far contrary to the torment of his words

Cheeks blazing she attempted to set the record straight “No one who can afford a Heicte can be this ignorant. Just because I have stolen a few of your things, most of which have been unintentional, it does not mean I’ll steal your avion if that was why you abducted me and turned me upside down, amidst our original chocolate kidnapping. And anyways even if I did, it won’t be terribly smart of me so coming back to the point, this time without interruption, you don’t think I can fly an avion but my dad owns one of these and I know how to send a message from the Invisiret”

“Brilliant. Who at this time in the night needed a message from my fiancée, who happens to be on a romantic vacation celebrating our engagement amidst managing all my slipping in and out” he bit the words, jaw clenching as his hold firmed on her

Exasperatedly rolling her eyes, Mohana exclaimed “You! Because I need my digi to read my book and I don’t know where it is but as you seemingly have a tendency to know everything, who else would I rather ask than my own abductor. You’re the owner of that avion out there, and it would have signaled your digi to make you come back. And before you do this whole attorney back and forth, I also needed a hair tie, a sleeping bag and the first aid box”

“You’re hurt?” he frowned, his eyes concernedly roving over the beautiful body melding into his

She nervously fidgeted on his lap pointing to his chest then shaking her head in refusal “No. overall. just like that. can’t someone need it? maybe you. or me. who knows. something here or there and then it’s like, oh. I wish I had a first aid box to cover up and take care of all things. I was anyways getting the other stuff and thought I might as well”

“Right. But you’re not getting the other stuff anymore because am sleepy” seemingly unconvinced, his inspecting gaze lingered on her body making her more antsy for the answers she had yet to receive for the rapid fluttering of her heart

“Am fine. I don’t have scratches. it wasn’t for me. but it’s not fair play if I don’t know.. if you. and. and..” she frantically moved her hand in the air utterly shy of even imagining tying the endless lingerie bows while those black eyes were wide open

“This can leave a mark” caressing his thumb along the light curve of her breasts peeking from the neckline of her nightdress, his touch halted beneath her collar bone. Fingers slipping under the thin strap on her shoulder, whispering caresses along its length to the subtle swells, which so desperately wanted to be eased from the lacey cups to own his warmth.

Her heart rampantly throbbed, grip on his tshirt fastening in wild anticipation of getting closer to his lips, aching to have them glide through her entirety, when untying the bow on her shoulder, Omar twirled the strap to lay flush against her skin “There’s a first aid box in the washroom and it has all the necessities you might need because Jojo packed it”

“Hmm” she hummed partly on a moan, trying to quash the sensations sprouting through her at the mere ministrations of his fingers, but failing terribly at it

Looping a knot, Omar formed a precisely neat bow before securing her petite frame in his arms, immersing fingers in her silken blonde hair he whispered “My eyes were closed m’anam but in return for that, you owe me to share our bed”

Grabbing on to his tshirt, despite her heaving breasts frantically rubbing against his torso, Mohana felt a strange sense of relief wash over, for all her crazed bold moves tonight, she had been able to keep the real Omar Shaan bound to herself on the night of her engagement. Basking in his embrace, hiding her face on his chest, she shut her eyes close.

|| 26. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

Entangled in immensely soothing heat, her skin glowing, Mohana shuffled against the heavy weight along her waist. Barely guiding her frail hand to press on the densely solid wall, she squirmed, then wriggled, kicking the coverlet on a breathless moan

Her leg climbed higher, attempting an override to the abundant rigidity in her way, but her sleepy hand curled on his chest unable to clasp onto anything. Agitated, she shifted in the bounds of his arms, breasts brushing his torso, legs moving against denim clad ones, another delish moan accompanying a request in her sleep “wa..nt.. haarrd”

Exhaling a sigh, Omar set the blankets covering the editor-in-chief, his grip fastening on her thigh from under the layers, restricting her movement to halt the incessant fidgeting “Mo shíorghrá that’s hardly helping”

“Yaah..arrd” reaffirming her want she stirred, melding into him on a low husky hum, adamantly kicking at the coverlets again before sighing in utter dissatisfaction to let her huge silver eyes scrunch open. Groggily attempting to straighten in the dark room, intent on identifying the cause of her restlessness, her hand landed on him but exasperated at the unsurmountable toughness her balance wobbled, knee skid across the front of his denims for another moan to escape

Quickly balancing her, Omar moved her hand to his heart, determinedly securing the dainty woman in his arms “Alright?”

“Noh” falling on him on a troubled sigh, she patted the surface on his chest with much deliberation to establish her complaint “Rough. hurts”

On an urgent move Omar had her lay on the bed, her ivory skin shone against the black silken sheets as he fussed soothing her wrists “Your hands are hurting? I carried you on my shoulder because I was..” briefly shutting his eyes he persuaded “..but I wasn’t going to hurt you mo stór, does your tummy hurt? ankles?”

“Yah. you’re rough. evvrywhere” soaking his caresses, barely holding her heavy lashes open she tapped on to his heart, wanting the uneven texture to disappear altogether from preventing her to touch his strength

Glancing at the angelic woman sprawled under him in utter disbelief, he blurted “I’m rough? everywhere? but rough hurts? and overall we discussed am not rough in our flight but..” he frowned at the realization “..wait. I am rough. not because I was rough swinging you on my shoulder. but the tshirt level of rough?”

“Yaah. tee. and je..ans. I want hard” hugging his forearm to her chest, the blue silken strap rolled lower sliding from her shoulder before giving in to let the bow ease, making the neck dip on the swell of her breasts

“Jeans and that. whatever, we’ll come to that. later..” his grip fastened on her before he attempted to coax the drowsy woman “..but this tshirt can’t be rough m’anam, you chose it, we met to select from all the samples and spent the night of our engagement to find the one you like. this is the only fabric you approved of and that’s why I wore it because you said it was exceptionally tender, the weave was brilliant and it gave you this feeling of endless smoothness”

“But it is ruff. verri rough!” she pettishly humphed in complete disregard of the material covering his chest, fighting her sleep to ascertain the dislike of his rough textured clothes were registered

Stroking her lustrous golden hair, Omar sighed “It is rough. yes. the lone piece of fabric you approved while awake is also rough less than a shut eye later, there’s no reason why we should even be discussing this”

“Yah. am sleepy. moove. it off” firmly confirming she shifted on the pillow awaiting fulfillment of her demand

Much in favor of her want, discarding the tshirt in one fluid move Omar wrapped the beautiful woman in his arms, placing her hand on his heart, he thoughtfully murmured “In essence all tshirts are rough”

“And jeans” disbarring the denims, wrapping her leg higher along his v muscles she securely got stuck to him, getting lulled to sleep on a pattern of soothing caresses, snuggling into his bare chest as much as the strength of his muscles permitted, finally letting out an appeased murmur “mm.. harrd”

Securely tying the bow of the open silken ties, Omar settled the thin band on her shoulder, caressing her hairline, his thumb circling on her temple before getting lost in blonde locks. Following the rhythm of her even breathing, listening to the tender moans which escaped every once in between, his raspy murmur filled the otherwise silent room “..patience. patience to design a dress. a long dress. very long. no bows. none of these straps. nothing off shoulder. definitely no bows. none at all..” his bound firmed on her as another delicate moan appeared to partner his whisper “..not blue. not black. white. white dress. full sleeves. high neck. loose. no cinches..”

The odd alarm had Omar sleepily secure the woman wrapped around him, setting the nightdress lower on her bare legs, he fished out a tiny device from his jeans pocket. Furiously frowning at the pod which ideally belonged to the editor-in-chief, he growled a command to dismiss the noisy alert, ensuring it had caused no disruption to the other occupant of the bed.

The tranquility of the room appeared far short lived when the second ring had Omar scowl at the interrupt, shutting the high pitched tone, he concernedly soothed Mohana who all but unaware of the noise slept completely calm.

When the third consecutive high pitched alert occurred, Omar was already expecting the obtrusion, now wide awake, purely frustrated from the device, one that he wanted crumpled and never seen again. Much to his surprise the delicate woman dozing off cocooned in his arms remained unperturbed, sleeping far peacefully for someone who had only hours ago created a ruckus, fidgeting rampantly to complain about the roughness of his clothes.

Straightening from the bed, looping another slipped bow back on her shoulder, he discarded the device in annoyance on the side table to gingerly cover Mohana. Setting her silken hair he stroked the column of her neck “Wait for me”

Considering the consecutive alarms were already too many, the next one had Omar convinced the device was malfunctioning, but backtracking from the washroom certain to get rid of the pod altogether, he saw Mohana sleepily clasping on to the tiny pod, issuing a stern warning “Sleeepy!” before shoving it under her pillow

“Definitely sleepy” running a haphazard hand through his tousled hair he stretched his arms, disappearing before the next high pitched alert rang through the air

Another shrieking alarm had Mohana turn against the silken sheets, inhaling the fragrance surrounding her to dreamily murmur “sooo hot” yawning against her palm, stretching on the bed she pleasantly declared “we’re soo gonna win”

Tucking her wavy tendrils behind the ears, drowsy, a tad wobbly on directionality of the new space, she slipped from the foot of the swing-bed, identifying her way around. Whimpering at the bows on her panties which appeared to have no give, she beelined to the powder room, nudging her night dress to inspect the ties only to bang straight into the hot pillar of immaculate abs

Elated to be in his arms despite the jump of quivery nervousness, Mohana rushed on all words she had so painstakingly formed for their victory “My dad! he won’t hurt you. because you won the cotton gin case against Hahzin Grom, the woman, the villain behind that litigation whom you got sentenced will help us win him”

“How do you know about the cotton gin case?” holding the drowsy woman, wrapping an arm along her waist, his hand slipped under her short dress, thumb tagging on the bow on her panties

Mohana opened her mouth only to close it, then tried once more to purse her lips again. She blinked, then gulped, the clarity with which his words trickled within, made her blink in confusion ‘ you want me to tell you about the cotton gin manufacturing defect case and how we won..’

Her heart threateningly banged on her chest at the rush of recollection, legs giving away if not for the strength of his bound ..this is not extremely drowsy, this is torturous.., ..definitely efficient in threatening my existence.., ..Jehan?.., ..No one can handle this and it’s been way too long.., ..get out of this ridiculous freezing phase.., ..because she’s unwell..

The sporadic yet abundant words, his rich voice reverberating through her, perceiving his annoyance from when she had been drowsy in yinar phase, all felt like being plummeted in ice cold water. Shamefully lowering her eyes, she rapidly blinked, not wanting to crumple ahead of the man who had innumerable times dismissed her, only for Mohana to cling onto him again

Giving a smile through her heart shattering into pieces, she bravely tried to appear functional “Who doesn’t know about you, Sophista knows everything about who you are, because. you are a designer, a superstar celebrity, this astute attorney who has won all these cases and Jojo knows everything. I know everything. Of course. Yeah. I want to use the powder room”

“Bows?” his ask let her rake a shallow breath, glad to not have been questioned anymore, she pulled back before getting firmly smashed into him again

Ascertaining she wanted nothing more than to free herself, anyhow find that box of stolen chocolates and unwind time all the way back to the eve of her birthday for their paths to have never crossed again, she croaked “We’re done”

“Are we? without the bows that you wanted undone? those which I had to fasten because they kept undoing like the ties on your shoulders?” his fingers lay whisper touches for her butterflies to frantically map along her lower abdomen as her heart doomed in its own pity

Luring the touch she had missed through her sleep, Mohana hastily ambushed her rogue butterflies “I’ll snip..” but his fingers smoothly twirled the strings along her hips, undoing them in a way that had her whole body meld into him, crumbling every restraint she accrued to divert her heart

“In exchange you turn off that device because it seems to either have nine alarms..” another high pitched sound rolled through the air interrupting him, for Omar to rectify “..ten alarms? or is it dysfunctional?”

Dysfunctional and unstable are my adjectives when I find myself in front of you, words awaiting a lash out got bravely shoved away, instead clenching her fists, Mohana forced a smile, shifting to free from his grip

“You’re free to consider it dysfunctional but I happen to appreciate the simple luxuries of life like sleeping, and it has been programmed for twelve alarms while I usually wake up by eleven. Today was a foolish rarity, I guess I wasn’t comfortable after all or we would have saved ourselves from this early morning accident. I’ll use the powder room when you’re done”

Yet his firm hold kept her rooted “You will either fill that password to turn it off or we’ll loose it somewhere in the ocean, choice is yours. And so is the washroom, including the powder room and the shower, until I get back in an hour or so”

Her nails dug deeper into her palms, swallowing a sob she looked away from all the many scratches she had left on his muscular arms, chest and shoulders but this time Mohana didn’t turn around to stop him

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