Chapter 21 – My Girlfriend

|| 21. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

“We were, yeah..” bending his head Omar whispered tantalizingly close to her, his thumb stroking the contour of her lower lip “..together. But I had to find the time to read them and unless you want to review those notes together again, we need to consider my winning in all of this. Handsomeness has been an issue altogether but I need insight on how much part of caring, is included in this very very kind category”

Attempting to override her irrational cravings, Mohana looked away from his lips to stare at the adam’s apple only for her butterflies to accelerate their want of getting stuck to his hot magnetism “No. Yes. Ya. I am trying but what can I do. Kind and caring will have to be different because Jasper is really handsome and caring. and Jasper can be kind if we want? because eventually he will be? but he is very caring. Jasper knew how to hold such a cute little thing and Jasp..” his thumb on her mouth, blocked the exuberant raving

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