Chapter 21 – My Girlfriend

|| 21. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

“We were, yeah..” bending his head Omar whispered tantalizingly close to her, his thumb stroking the contour of her lower lip “..together. But I had to find the time to read them and unless you want to review those notes together again, we need to consider my winning in all of this. Handsomeness has been an issue altogether but I need insight on how much part of caring, is included in this very very kind category”

Attempting to override her irrational cravings, Mohana looked away from his lips to stare at the adam’s apple only for her butterflies to accelerate their want of getting stuck to his hot magnetism “No. Yes. Ya. I am trying but what can I do. Kind and caring will have to be different because Jasper is really handsome and caring. and Jasper can be kind if we want? because eventually he will be? but he is very caring. Jasper knew how to hold such a cute little thing and Jasp..” his thumb on her mouth, blocked the exuberant raving

Smoothly tracing the bow of her lips, Omar murmured “We don’t like doctors, why bother even pronouncing their name. I have amply clearly gotten the drift here but isn’t it good for us, that doctor is a married man”

Feeling his caresses roll along her jaw, her determined silver eyes landed on his lips again “All of that will anyways change if that doctor is on your side. But it’s whatever. between you all. I’ll do what I can, to help you win her back”

“You’ll help me win her back?” his husky murmur had Mohana part her lips to respond but his thumb teasingly slipped between them to shape her mouth rendering her breathless

Nervous of the sparks bursting through her, she attempted to ignore the rapid rise and fall of her breasts, on his whisper “Hm?”

Mohana hastily formed her agreement “Ya. uh. ya. But no matter how much that sexy husband of her’s is on your side..”

“He is a handsome hunk who is caring and now he’s sexy too? Do you have any other adjectives for him?” caressing the tender skin behind her ear Omar most nearly growled, his grip fastening around her nape from under the silken curtain of blonde hair, tipping her face for their eyes to look into each other

Nearly at the edge of getting lost in him Mohana stared into his mesmerizing spheres, yearning to touch them, but her bothering sanity held her back, pricking the reminder of his ask for the sacrificing doctor friend. Gawking at the wonder of Omar Shaan so close to her, clenching hard on the side rail of the pool table, Mohana managed to rattle a list “Desirable? I think he’s very desirable. And hot? definitely that one. Sophisticated? Attractive? Macho? Did you see how he was carrying that whole carrier seat with just one hand and Jas..”

“Forget I ever asked that question. Let’s remember he is a doctor, first and foremost” interrupting the rampant flurry of appreciation, Omar eased her hands from gripping the rail to determinedly place her palms on his chest.

Pouting petulantly in return for she had been trying to provide descriptives, despite her heart, butterflies and body refuting cooperation with her head, Mohana smugly countered “A handsome and caring doctor, who likes cute little babies, more so when Zaniha knows that you don’t. Friend or not, you won’t be able to win your crush back from him unless she believes you want all of that cuteness that he is able to manage so brilliantly. And I think he is exceptionally macho”

The room fell under a thick blanket of silence. Grip firming on her, Omar demandingly locked her legs around him, his dark eyes loosing all sparkle as they searched her face. Mohana impulsively inched closer, his powerful masculinity surpassing all her attempts to sabotage desires, buckling her to accept her want of being eagerly ravished by him.

“Mo stór, m’anam, mo chroí, that was..” Omar cupped her face, tugging her adamantly closer “ shíorghrá, we seem to have gotten extremely confused..”

“Ya. I understand. Why else would she even consider marrying someone else” Mohana confidently stressed on the magnificence of the designer celebrity himself, seeing his eyes flicker such strong want for another woman, her legs eased their taut bound on him “All you had to do was like cute babies, how difficult could that have been? We’ll try, I’ll do what I can to help but Jasper is..”

“A very desirable, exceptionally macho, sexy, caring, hot and handsome hunk, according to my girlfriend” Omar nearly gritted the words

Loosing the debate of dwindling between desire and reality, Mohana quashed her outrageous want, getting rigidly reminded: Omar Shaan could only exist in her dreams, those enchanting black spheres which she had craved for however long, belonged to someone else, so did his heart and so did he.

Focussing on the concern at hand she sincerely sided with him, weighing their competition she offered her innocent agreement “Ya. drool worthy too, no one gets a husband like that for real these days”

“Yeah..” his growl vibrated through her as he reiterated their stand “..And as my girlfriend, you are trying to help me win the crush, except that the majority of our problem is that I don’t possess the same qualities as that doctor”

Heaving a sigh lost in thought, Mohana bit on her lower lip, reflecting on their interaction with Zaniha “Hmm. But what’s to say if we really give it our best and put everything to it there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work out. She did look at you when you said you liked cute ones but it was more a look where it was almost unbelievable”

“Completely unbelievable. but what matters is we are together, you and I” his grip under her dress fastened nudging her legs to firmly wrap around his waist again and for reasons Mohana didn’t have the courage to accept, her gaze fixedly halted at his lips

Wanting Omar to get whatever he desired, lest he would live through the same misfortune of emptiness as her, stifling her own distress, Mohana genuinely offered “That’s the least I can do, for all that you went through because of me.. all of my being unwell, those brownies that I. uhm. and the meditation.. uhm. yeah so ya and your box! because of which I am here in your home? the chocolate box. I can’t find it. I searched. and it’s not there. I searched all through my belongings but I’ll have my staff order again so it won’t be a complete loss”

“Right, the least you can do. Which is what you meant when you offered to win her back. my crush back?” his gaze bored into her huge eyes holding a challenge that almost made Mohana refute on the commitment

Bravely shoving away her feelings, urging herself to align to the sanity of her head, Mohana throttled herself with reality: the aspect of existence between her and Omar Shaan could only ever be Sophista. Her dreams were only hers. Inhaling a broken breath, her voice laden with compassion for both their hearts, she murmured her agreement “Yah”

Growling “We have a deal” his lips slammed on hers

The chaos and divide within Mohana swiftly disappeared welcoming the onslaught of his invigorating touch. Getting dominated by his passionate mouth, her legs tightened their clasp around his waist, needily locking his strength. She basked under his caresses, lips breathlessly catching up and feet curling at the demanding moves.

Tugging the lapels of his black dress shirt, jerking the buttons apart carelessly, Mohana clung on to him. Her willful heart making her succumb to the passion he ignited, breasts anxiously rubbing against his muscular torso aching for the barriers from between them to vanish.

Swiveling from the delicate lace, Omar cupped her curvaceous butt to align her throbbing core to his hard strength, his touch intensifying with every moan that escaped from the back of her throat. His overpowering burning touch pulled her into an abyss of desire, the black dress getting scrunched between their melded frames, lips entwined, tongues caught in a frenzy, leaving no room for rational thoughts but only for another raging passionate moan to escape her.

A voice barely ran through the room “Confi..”, “Fin” Omar hastily commanded, releasing her juicy lips to make the external interruption come to a halt

Frowning at the loss of his touch, on a complaining moan “Hm?” Mohana tugged his shirt demanding attention.

Caressing her small nose with his Omar eased his hold on her butt, murmuring “M’anam, mo stór, you have to know, we can’t..”

|| 21. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

“I know..” she hastily interjected, his dismissal bolting her to the reality she wanted forgotten “..we can’t. it was. this. all of this. we can’t do this. we can’t be here because he will be thinking where did we go” pulling her hands away from his shirt, Mohana forced a per functionary smile

Omar frowned, grasping her waist firmly, blocking any escape that she had been shuffling towards “He?”

“Jasper? We didn’t. because we can’t. There’s..” waving her hands in the air, she shook her head abandoning their shared moment to stress on reality “..We can’t do. this. all of this. because nothing matters. He is on your side and I.. I and you and he knows about you and your” her voice choking at the mention

“Of course” swooping his head a notch, he caught her lips between his

The tingle of craving bursting inside Mohana had her excitedly respond to the captivating temptation that was Omar Shaan. Clasping hard on the pool table, her facade forgotten, sensibility banished, only one coherent desirous thought remained: her want of belonging to him for a forever.

Rolling the zip smoothly from under her arm, barring the layer of fabric Omar caressed the curve of her waist, making her breathing shallow while stubborn butterflies urged her to stick to the man of her dreams, yearning more of his touch. Giving in when Mohana let go of clenching the wooden rail to reach for him, his mouth pulled away.

Her hands paused mid air, heaving breasts craving to get smashed against his powerful strength were denied from meeting their goal. Mohana blinked in confusion, unable to interpret what had caused them to halt “Hm?”

In adept moves her dress got fastened and the scrunched layers from between them eased, making Mohana pout with extreme displeasure. Her shy yet adamant fingers demandingly reached to hold on to his shirt but his hoarse whisper “We can be here because you’re my girlfriend and we can kiss..” had her palms land one top of another on his mouth, bold-act crumbling at once

Shaking her head in absolute denial, she emphatically declared “We didn’t. we can’t. no. we can’t do this. am your.. because we are pranking and he is on my side. Jasper? Jasper! is on my side”

Grabbing hold of her wrists, Omar sucked her palm, his touch stirring a furor, making her feet curl. Her mesmerized heart fluttered to own the sensation through her entirety but her head sternly nagged her scandalous behavior in dispute. She bit back a pleasurable moan as his lips continued their trajectory along her fingers coarsely enquiring “You want a doctor to side with you?”

“N..oh” she tugged to free her hands but binding her forearms to his chest Omar locked their lips again. Magnetically getting pulled into him, her heart tumbled with ecstasy only to loose his touch again.

Binding her wrists in one hand, Omar lightly caressed his thumb along her lower lip “You’re my girlfriend, we can kiss all we want..” Mohana agitatedly moved at his claim but his steel grip kept her captive “..and you’re only on my side”

He demandingly stole another taste of her lips making her heart melt, but a punch of disappointment surged seeing him pull away again. She breathlessly overrode the insanity of her desires “We can’t do this.. they’ll.. know”

“Isn’t that the plan on how we want this to work? They should know we like kissing..” she pulled to free her wrists, wanting to skip that word but his grip remained relentless as he smugly added “ else am I going to convince anyone we have been trying to make a few of those cute babies”

Leya’s explanation on the entire jealousy thing: ‘ should have seen Salm burn..’ came tumbling for Mohana to acknowledge her commitment: for Omar Shaan to win his crush, Mohana would be the discardable pawn in this game while the only difference to her reality, would be to grasp her losses from this close

“Hey..” easing his grip, Omar cupped her face “ chroí, say the words and we’ll step out of this right away”

Brushing off the tumultuous pain jarring her heart, Mohana enthused herself to respond positively “Of course not. I want you to win this”

“All you have to do is tell me and we end this” his kind promise, made her heart wince at her own adamancy for not having him put a halt to it right away

But sabotaging her selfishness Mohana heaved a broken breath, randomly running a hand through her hair “Never. I won’t let you down”

“You can’t” brushing his lips on her temple, Omar lifted Mohana off the pool table “Stay with me, because you are my girlfriend and am the only one who can’t leave you when we are with a doctor”

She ruefully smiled, despite her heart thrashing within. Looking away from his attractive lips she twirled her hand in the air motioning at the shirt buttons “This?”

“You opened them” he matter of factly informed and giving him a quick nod she nervously reached to tackle the herculean task


Shy at his hand clasping hers, yet convinced to play her part, Mohana didn’t withdraw from his hold upon joining their guests. Anticipating more questions, ready to establish Omar Shaan as the ideal boyfriend she was surprised when Zaniha checked on her instead.

Considering her recovery, casually discussing stages and symptoms of the cold phase, Zaniha walked around the spread of food offerings, distracting Mohana in between by talking about their favorite dishes, alongside preparing a plate.

Astonished at being handed the very serving decked with a selection of mouth watering selections, Mohana hesitantly glanced at Zaniha then at Omar, her cheeks rosy with embarrassment for the folly she had committed by stealing those brownies.

Taking the plate from her, Omar whispered “You have to share everything with your boyfriend”

Following the exchange, looking between them Zaniha deeply frowned “Don’t bother her. If she gets another shiver you don’t want to think what will happen”

“But I was waiting for her to eat because we have to share” possessively feeding Mohana a chunk from the cream pouf, Omar ascertained eating a bite himself to establish the claim

“Right” forcing a smile at Omar, Zaniha stepped back to Jasper who securing her to himself, slipped a pastry through her lips

On the other side, feeding Mohana bites from his treats, taking pieces from her to munch on them himself, much to the color blazing on her cheeks, Omar seemed determined to take on the entire world on their sharing make belief. Having given into his assertion, Zaniha nonetheless kept a close eye to ensure Mohana was being fed properly.

Along food and drinks, both couples discussed a variety of topics that ranged anywhere from anecdotal pranks, the recent Sarrata trip, coming back to the sales associate and her dressing but when the reference of the erect toy surfaced again Omar diverted the discussion to food recipes instead. From across the room, catching a twinkle in Zaniha’s blue eyes, Mohana warmly returned her smile.

Through all their interaction Mohana found the dazzling blue-eyed woman nothing short of caring, inclusive and unconditionally supportive of her. Despite being unable to deny that Zaniha was the perfect woman in every sense, her stubborn heart sloshed in its own suffering wanting to desperately hold onto the man of her dreams.

In time the baby woke up again, though on this occasion the loud cry was replaced by cute sounds of being hungry. Having never come across a child this young, Mohana’s attention got fixedly assigned towards the carrier seat which was blossoming with gentle cooing noises.

Trying to overcome the tingling from Omar’s fingers, getting fed one bite of food after another, Mohana curiously watched the scene unfold in front of her eyes. Easily picking the baby in his arms, whilst interacting with him, Jasper single handedly spun a small measured bottle to feed him. Getting nestled in the crook of his muscular arm, the baby sat appeased, sipping on his choiced beverage.

Mohana glowed with happiness, admiring the combination of a contently snuggled infant, a strikingly handsome man who managed him effortlessly alongside taking care of his wife. The awesomeness score for Jasper trickled as high as she could fathom, making him instantly belong to the ‘The Bold List’ pineapple category.

Even before Mohana could make note of all the steps that had transpired the baby got securely tucked back in his chair and Jasper whispered something to Zaniha making her giggle in return. At the success of such a major feat, Mohana bounced excitedly to her neighbor, her eyes wide in amazement “Did you see?”

“Yeah. Have this..” Omar grumbled feeding her a bite of the apple cobbler “..will get a drink”

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