Chapter 03.1 – In Awe of You

|| 03. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

The Sophista design and photography teams led the way through the freeway. The crew accompanied with their leaders Leya and Salm were heading to the reserved venue for the photo shoot of their upcoming issue. Following the cars, in their own SUV, Jojo sat besides Mohana in the backseat.

Reading through the digital device, Jojo continued to report updates to Mohana “..the official response has been received”

“Approve it, I want it sent before end of day” Mohana stated, busily parsing messages on another device alongside

“Yes, Miss Mohana” confirming Jojo, flipped through another surface to go through an additional set of requests that needed Mohana’s input

Arriving at their destination, Mohana’s driver Carter halted their SUV. Slipping from behind the wheel, the broad shouldered, tall man stepped out to hold the door open for her murmuring with adoration “Princesa”

Giving the older gentleman a smile Mohana looked up from the digital screen “Cart, Leya messaged that the team will start with breakfast. I want you to join them. In the meanwhile I need to confirm the site and Jojo will be there shortly”

“But Princesa, you have to eat” Carter objected expressing his disapproval with the young woman he held himself incharge of

Dismissing his concerns with a wave of her hand, Mohana confirmed “We can get something later to eat, I won’t need to be here for long”

Giving her a nod of acknowledgement Carter exchanged a quick glance with Jojo who assured him “I’ll be with Miss Mohana at all times”

“Very well, will see you soon” gesturing a salute in the air to Mohana, Carter took his leave

Occupied with discussing updates, Mohana and Jojo walked through the busy beach resort. The open gallery and hallways seemed to have been already decked for the upcoming festivities. The large bedecked Christmas trees and winter themed decorations welcomed the resort visitors.

Glancing around them Jojo commented “Everything is red here, it’s Christmas even before Thanksgiving!”

“It attracts visitors” Mohana factually commented without glancing to check her surroundings

Looking at her own pink smock dress, Jojo commented “Yeah! Well People! But we are going to wait for the real Christmas to dress up at Leya and Salm’s party. They host it the best!”

“Yes, they are the most kind, and I like your dress” Mohana offered, on the side staying occupied with her device

“Miss Mohana you are the sweetest..” Jojo happily claimed “..but you’re no different, you look sexy just like everyday. My super brainy, workaholic, sexy boss! And we need to get back to these updates..”

Apprising Mohana of the current movement Jojo spoke of one of their advertisers “He wants to host an entire dinner after the event”

“Not happening, he’s not a friend, Sophista will not join” Mohana declared, while responding to another message on her small screen

Her short turquoise dress with a fitted bodice, flared into a flowy skirt from the waist. The fine weightless fabric curved along her body, bouncing lightly with each step Mohana took. On her creamy shoulders the thin noodle straps offered a mere distraction, that had been covered with waves of her silver-gold blonde hair. Beautifully manicured silver painted toes peeked from a pair of silver gladiator flats, strings of which were wrapped all along to her toned calves.

“Another request from Paul Pitar, this time he is inviting you for a tour to Dubai” Jojo informed with exhaustion dripping from her voice

The mention of annoying Paul Pitar, owner of the Sophista competitor Chanceys media house, made Mohana inwardly groan

Clicking on her device screen to send a note, Mohana sighed “Sure, tell him I’ll join..” her words abruptly coming to a halt as she banged into a dark wall

The digital screen slipped from her fingers at the impact. She felt a secure grip balance her against the steel strength of the obstacle. Soaking the warmth radiating from the muscular wall, much to the loud pounding of her heart, Mohana breathlessly looked up. Black shimmering eyes stared into her silver depths

“Hey” listening to that magnetic voice another entire havoc rushed within her. Hanging on the support of his muscular arm, Mohana stared in awe at the man who held her rescued form: Omar Shaan

Her heart bobbed at the base of her throat, staring at his magnificent presence. Unaware of the passing by onlookers, Mohana held her steadfast gaze standing against his rock solid strength.

There was a shuffle in the resort hallways. Guests and employees sneakily walked past them, stealing curious glances, inquisitive to check out the beautiful couple they made. Some wanted to check the celebrity Omar Shaan, eager to find who he held in such close proximity while others were catching a glimpse of the rare beauty hanging on his arm.

A few voices in the distance were hushed while some excitement flowed through “Oof! He is so handsome!”, “Is that his new girl friend from Fashion Trend?”, “What’s the logo on his tee shirt?”, “She looks like some movie star”, “I want to run my fingers through his hair”

For Mohana the outside world was lost being completely obscured, her focus held by only one handsome man. Her eyes relentlessly gawking at him.

Maintaining his hold on Mohana, Omar’s other hand held the device he had saved from dropping on the floor.

Playfully flipping the thin screen within his fingers, Omar was talking to Jojo “..when is Paul Pitar going to Dubai?”

Hearing his voice mention the awful man, Mohana’s fascinated gaze broke. Gulping against him, Mohana blinked. Unable to form any coherent thoughts, she attempted to free herself from his embrace.

Tugging her closer Omar checked in a whisper “Hm?”

“Hm?” Mohana whispered back hoping against all hopes, for this to not be her reality today

Murmuring something under his breath, Omar stroked her back lightly, ensuring she stood affixed to him

Mohana heard Jojo report on Paul’s message “He suggests wanting to celebrate Christmas in Dubai”

“Because Chanceys is throwing a Christmas party and the world is invited?” Omar checked with a smile

With a chuckle Jojo informed “Hardly. This is his exclusive invite for Miss Mohana..”

“Ya and I’ll send him a note” Mohana intervened, wanting to overlook the breathlessness of her own voice. Courageously she attempted to pull away from Omar’s embrace, wishing her heartbeats to calm down from running a race of their own

“Here” keeping his grip secured along her waist, Omar offered her the digital device

Looking at his muscular hand holding the device, she shook her head refusing to take it altogether “No..uh I’ll tell him later..”

“That you’re joining him for Christmas?” Omar checked swirling the device between his fingers again

While Mohana needed to get away from Paul Pitar she more urgently wanted to escape from the handsomeness that stood enveloping her. Completely different reasons, yet she was determined to keep the sanity of her breathing a priority

Mohana tried to offhandedly suggest “There’s anyways still a month to that..” her voice trailing off

“Right” considering her response, Omar gave her a nod

Turning in an attempt to free from his hold, Mohana rushed to change the subject “Breakfast? Leya said they were starting with that?”

Jojo ascertained “Yes Miss Mohana, I’ll request Cart to accompany Omar”

“Great that we’re all thinking about the same thing. I met Cart at the breakfast table, but the team was searching for you Jojo, some discussion around swim wear I guess, so I offered to come get you” not relenting his grip on Mohana, Omar gave a smile to Jojo

“That’s sooo kind of you..” Jojo gushed happily “..yes the team is planning some group time and we wanted to try winter swimming! It is known to strengthen the immune system and alleviate the moody feelings. We also have the bonfire planned afterwards! I will send a message to Salm”

“Neat, and let this be your last message for right now..” Omar gave her a smile “..breakfast will only wait for us for so long. Unlike Paul Pitar”

Jojo sighed at the mention “That man yes! But Miss Mohana and I..”

“Jojo why don’t you guys go..” Mohana rushed to interrupt “..I’ll make a stop at the site and we can discuss later”. Quickly snatching her device from Omar’s strong fingers Mohana inhaled a rocky breath at her hard earned success

“Might as well, we all enjoy this breakfast while it’s still morning” saying Omar pulled the digital device back from Mohana’s fingers

The feeling of his fingers having brushed hers, made color on her cheeks further deepen. Mohana moved in his embrace breathlessly claiming “But I have to send my messages”

“Yes of course” giving Mohana a charismatic smile, Omar spoke to the bright woman accompanying them “Jojo, why don’t you lead the way and your boss can send all the messages at the breakfast table”

“Of course Omar. Miss Mohana what would you prefer?” Jojo waited for guidance from her boss

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