Chapter 05.1 – Being Bold

|| 05. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

Dressed in a body hugging mini blue dress, Mohana sat ahead at the mirror wall but her eyes were lost elsewhere. The short velvet dress, embellished with small pink camellia look-alike flowers accentuated her curvaceous figure. Absentmindedly securing her lustrous blonde hair in a french knot Mohana ignored her own beautiful reflection. The only image that ran through her mind was that of the resort server Peggy.

Disregarding the slight shiver that escaped her body, Mohana reached for a hair pin. Scenes of Peggy around Omar Shaan, her poor whispering technique, her offer to do anything for him and her want to undo his jeans button made Mohana’s stifling heart twist.

Thrusting the pin through her french knot, Mohana inhaled shakily. All that was left in her day, was to accomplish the exposé interview with their December cover celebrity Omar Shaan. Grumbling to herself “That zero-whisper-etiquette woman can do all of her ‘anything’ in that room of his. I can’t care” Mohana emphatically pushed another pin in her updo

Straightening from the light pink cushioned pouf, more glimpses of Peggy in the short server dress rushed to her mind.

“Just like how everyone can do what they want, I’ll do what I want” zestfully claiming Mohana tugged at her dress. The hem that had reached mid-thigh enhancing the length of her shapely long legs, got notched higher.

Looping fingers through the straps of the tall silver stilettos Mohana closed the lid on the package Jojo had prepared for her. Bare foot measuring the expansive personal suite she walked out to the connected Sophista office loft.

Discarding the brand new exceptionally long heels on her desk, Mohana searched through a selection of documents. Absorbed in finding the write up she flipped one sheet after another dismissing the chill making her shudder. Unable to locate what she was looking for Mohana spoke aloud her frustration to the empty room “Jojo you’re so right, everything revolves around work here, where is that list!”

Carefully selecting another set of files Mohana flipped through them anxiously “He’s not the only one who likes bold women! Salm likes them even more! But does that mean Salm would allow anyone just like that to open his jeans button?! That’s so beyond unacceptable! I am going to become more of all of that bold and everything..” her words and fingers halted staring at the screen that read ‘The Bold List

Paying no heed to another shiver leave her body, Mohana ecstatically hugged the digital device to her chest. With a broad smile she claimed with gusto “I’ll prove it to him that I can’t even care about ‘anything’. He can do whatever he wants with that Peggy or for that matter anyone at all in that entire resort! I will be way more bold than he can even imagine!”

Reviewing the list of points, Mohana consideringly halted at a sentence that read ‘Must embrace her feminine essence and with a hint of carelessness conceal the welcome’. “Feminine okay alright I can do this..” mumbling she sat on edge of the couch “..and I have to be careless to conceal my welcome” glancing around her sophisticated office she mulled in thought.

Unfolding a throw on the chair, she divided a stack of documents on her desk in favor of the point. Reviewing her posh surroundings Mohana pouted. Dissatisfied with her attempt of carelessness she geared herself “I can do better than this, I need to ace this whole list. Who cares he’s a celebrity I can be more careless to not have cleared up this place before his interview!”. Her mischievous silver eyes eagerly looked at the cushions next wanting to accomplish the point on the list.

An abundance of cushions got scattered around the forty second floor of the Sophista studios. The artfully decorated large work desk besides the wall of windows now had some documents kept strategically disorganized. Alongside a selection of metallic silver stationary products and beautifully embossed frames, Mohana reset the large vase to stand in the center of the desk. Overflowing with long stems of pink blooming camellias it brightened the office on the stormy night.

The oversized windows of the loft staring into the dark thunderous clouds, captured the feisty buzz of lightening from the heavens above. Despite the roaring havoc of the skies, another thunder was being evoked inside the massive room. Anxiously waiting for the hands on the classic clock to strike eight in the evening Mohana was occupied in preparing on as many points on the list as she could. The ornate drinks trolley, with a display of a variety of top shelf liquors, fancy mix-ins and silver bar tools, stood besides her loveseat. Right underneath, her high silver heels were intentionally kept toppled one over the other.

Sitting curled on her pristine white leather loveseat, Mohana consciously moved on the couch. Lost in her digital pad, she rehearsed the extensive document from Leya: ‘The Bold List’. Her fingers skittishly turned one of the small solitaires of her white gold necklace resting along her slim neck. Reading the points as they emerged flipping one sheet after another, the diligent Mohana scribbled spider notes albeit of her naive interpretation.

She reviewed another point ‘Know her worth, she should be extremely confident and cannot let anyone else dictate anything to her’. Pursing her lips at the memory of Peggy with the word ‘anything’, Mohana ignored the shiver wanting to feel accomplished with herself. At the time of reviewing this with Jojo, Mohana had precisely guided her staff to bring their guest to the studio just a tad after the hour. Pleased with herself for having followed Leya and Jojo’s guidance Mohana checked off the point happily on her list.

Going back to her notes she revised her points ‘Dress to accentuate her impressive body language and let the long legs showcase her attractively-bold stance’. Apprehensively waiting for her guest, Mohana tugged the hem of her dress. She re-read the bullet point on ‘The Bold List’. Puckering her lips in thought she nudged the hem to make the dress sit a little more higher. Curving her legs a few different ways to lay against the gray sheep throw on the couch, disheartened she stared at her beautiful legs. Mohana wondered whether this was all going to fail on her. She seemingly had no way to ascertain if her legs would ever appear attractively-bold according to Leya’s ‘The Bold List’.

Not wanting to give up, she inhaled a deep breath. Her body felt a quiver of coolness but heaving a sigh Mohana looked back at the detailed list she had determined to be her set of guiding principles. She moved her long shapely legs again, hoping with all her might that somehow her stance would communicate what Leya had in mind all along when building this list.

Mohana stole another quick glance on the watch. No matter how much effort she had spent attempting to appear bold without accepting that she was indeed shy: her heart remained a wreck to see their guest. Again.

Equipped with her cheat sheet of ‘The Bold List’, she wished to ace this shot with the highly applauded fashion designer. For once she wanted to withstand the magnificence of his presence without faulting. The next bullet on her notes had highlighted: ‘She is attractive, funny and smart and knows how to confidently shower her attention but then pull back to act disinterested to keep it challenging’. Committed to her preparation Mohana convinced herself “I’ll challenge him alright! A few compliments and then I will ignore him only to ask interview questions. By the end of this exposé he should know that I can’t care less about any of this!”

The silver digits on the slim rectangle watch, read 8:03pm. The instant knock on the office door made her heart jump. She heard “Miss Mohana, this is Jojo”

Notching her dress further higher on her thighs, with a flutter of her eyelashes Mohana attempted to casually address the back of the wooden door “You can come in”

The thick door opened to her assistant, Jojo, standing accompanied by the handsome tall man who towered the young woman’s frame. Dressed in a pair of casual dark denims with a white tshirt, his hair tousled to perfection, Omar Shaan oozed a virility superior to all.

Mohana’s heart twisted registering his changed tshirt from their interaction at the resort breakfast table. The realization that Peggy would have had a role to play made Mohana involuntarily clench her fingers on the digital device.

Besides Omar, Jojo in a red velvet dress was all smiles for their guest. Her eyes held a glint of excitement as she greeted her boss adding “..and Miss Mohana, here’s your exposé guest”

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